COVID-19 Vet visits/emergencies during coronavirus/Covid-19 lockdown

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Mar 10, 2009
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Vet clinics will in many cases try their best to stay open if possible but will have to limit human interaction as much as possible. Some clinics have closed.

If you are a registered client, then you are likely being sent a notification as to how your local clinic is handling this. Please always check with a clinic; most clinics that are open will only allow one person to bring in the pet in need of medical care. Some clinics will also ask their clients to please wait in their cars until being called in for a consultation in order to reduce the potential risk of infection in the waiting room. Vets may also increasingly switch to consultations over the phone for any non-urgent cases that do not necessarily require a hands-on examination or procedure.

We recommend to check your regular vet's and closest clinics as to how they are handling the situation. Keep in mind that conditions can change and that any vet clinic with a corona case will have to temporarily close down.

Here is a behind the scenes video from a UK vet of how they handle their consultations during the outbreak in respect of minimising contact and transmission risk. The newly established practise follows guidelines set out for UK veterinary clinics. COVID-19 - Video of the changes to a UK vet practice during Covid-19 lockdown
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