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Watchmans herd photos


Junior Guinea Pig
Mar 30, 2017
Grimsby Lincolnshire
So I'm going to use this thread to post any future pics of the herd rather than starting a new thread all the time. But first I think a proper introduction to the herd is a good way to start.


This is Squiglet the head of the herd the boss lady the one who slave will feed when I call for you. She was my first guinea pig she is about 2 1/2 years old. I found her in a back street pet shop living with her brother in awful conditions matted with sores and really in a sorry state. She bonded well with the guinea pigs my ex partner had but sadly being put in a run with her brother did result in a pregnancy. She gave birth to one baby boar called Jaffa Cake who was safely rehomed with another baby boar that we had from another pregnancy rescued sow.

Even though she is head pig she does give the others a lot of rope to play with but will step in if someone steps out of line. Or tries to take her comfy spot.


This is Poppy the second in command she tried to challenge Squig for the head position but lost. She is another rescue with my contacts at PAH she was put up for adoption because she got ringworm with the store fully treated before I took her. Sadly she does appear to have sight issues with no or almost no sight in her left eye. But it does not stop her or slow her down she still gets her fair share of the greens. She is about 1 1/2 years old now.


This little lady is Daisy. I'm really unsure on her age abut I think she is about a year old atleast as last October I found her in my garden as someone had thrown her over the garden wall. It was very lucky she survived or that I even spotted her. She is a very timid girl does not like being picked up having her nails done or being groomed. She is more than happy to hide herself away till the big nasty humans are gone. But once she relaxs or gets some tasty treats she does become very vocal.


This is Charlie Brown the poor hen pecked neutered boar of the herd. He is such a sweet laid back boy who can normally be found rocking himself in his hammock. He just likes the quiet life that involves lots of hay and vegtables. But if something does start an argument in the group he can be seen trying to get between the aggressor and the one being picked on. Both of the youngsters (see below) spend most of their time with him. Charlie was another rescue an unwanted pet and is between 2 and 3.


This cutie is Biscuit again another rescue as her new owners decided they didn't want her after about 2 days. She spends most of her day zooming around the run playing with the other youngster and hanging out with Charlie she is about 7 weeks old.


Last but not least is Rosie (Was originally Patch but that got vetoed) she is about 4 weeks old and her story can be found in another thread on here.