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Water problems


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Jul 29, 2020
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Hi. I was posting messages about my ill guimea pigs. They are better rn. They got well and are walking fine..

But when one of the piggy is drinking from the water bottle, he is sucking the water and then when drinking it, he coughed few times. Idk how to explain it. But like I'm afraid that the water accidentally went to the lungs instead because he was coughing. He doesnt drink water like my other piggy. He holds the tube with his teeth and suck the water. I checked and he doesnt have any dental problem. Does anyone knows what to do?


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Aug 2, 2018
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You could provide a bowl of water as well just in case he is struggling with the bottle. Otherwise, he may just like doing it that way. As for the coughing, if it went down too quickly, then it would cause coughing, piggies have narrow airways and can cause if they eat or drink too fast.
One of mine chews the spout rather than licks the ball. He knows what he is doing with it but insists on doing it the hardest way possible!

Doing this with his bottle wouldn’t necessarily suggest a dental problem particularly if he is eating properly (not being able to pick up and eat hay properly, drooling etc can suggest a dental problem), but just so you know, you cannot check all the teeth properly yourself, firstly, only a vet with knowledge of piggy teeth knows what is normal but it’s also not possible for an owner to see the back molars, only a vet can do this with proper equipment.

I’m glad they are walking better now.
Are they eating hay every day now?
Were you able to get some proper scales so you can weigh them regularly?