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We Got 'egged'

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That photo is magic, do you think Oscar would clean my windows if I asked nicely, Jackson could help too!
Lovely pic, look at those two cuties :) I'm sorry to here that some immature idiot felt the need to egg your house, if evenone brought their children up properly then this world would be a better place :)
Lol that picture is too cute! Sorry you got egged that is really not nice, but hey free protein for the kitties? Hehe
Aww what a great pic, minus whoever egged your house in the first place it's a comical moment!
Oh no! I am sorry this happened but you have a great window cleaner there!
I should really clean up, I'm hoping my husband will do it!

Yes it was annoying, my daughter (14) has been having some trouble with some boys at school, so we are assuming it's them. I told her to thank them for giving the pets a treat!
What gorgeous little things! At least you have yourself a free window cleaner.
Cute photo but what horrible boys to do that to someone's house.
That is a great photo. The advice you gave your daughter is great. It'll take the wind out of their sails. Trying to upset someone & then not getting that result usually stops them from trying again.
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