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We Miss You Bea-pig

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Jan 31, 2012
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I just wanted to post a little tribute to my best girl Beatrix, who sadly left us on 17th February after battling illness.
She had had 2-3 lots of surgery and been such a strong little trooper; right up to the end she gobbled up her critical care & still shouted at us every time the fridge door opened even though she couldn't eat most of what was inside. I genuinely thought she would make it, as when I was seriously ill last summer she really helped me feel better and kept me company while I recuperated. I thought she was indestructible - I know how silly that sounds but she had such a strong spirit & personality; a real explorer, fun, and never shy with new people. She would get on our hand on command and I swear she understood everything we said!
We will love her always and miss her everyday. Popcorn free with your sister Leeloo x
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I am very sorry for your loss! Your beautiful Bea was obviously one of those piggies where you wonder how so much personality and spirit can possibly fit into such a tiny package. I am sure that the hole in your heart is the size of a proper impact crater...

You never stop missing the piggies you have lost, but hopefully you will be able to feel blessed for the time you have had her in your life. I wouldn;t be surprised to hear that she is now running your little furry gardian angel crew!

RIP Beatrix
I am so sorry to hear you lost your Beatrix. I am fostering another Beatrix at the moment who has three babies( in my avatar) who will be 3 weeks old on Wednesday.
Her spirit will live on in year happy memories. Sending cyber hugs x
Beautiful Beatrix popcorn free x so sorry for your loss. Heartbreaking to lose one so loved.
I am really sorry for your loss, she sounded like such a wonderful little piggy, so pretty. She must have had such an amazing life with you. She'll always be in your heart. Hugs

RIP Beatrix
x x
I'm am so sorry for your loss, Beatrix sounds like a truly incredible Piggie and her spirit will always be with (((Hugs))) x

Sweet dreams pretty lady x
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