What A Mad 3 Ish Days.

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Jan 1, 2015
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Eastbourne UK
Iv finally found a way to get pics up.

JAX and MORPHEUS have being growling at each other off and on for 3 ish days. The first day we hadn't had them out at we didn't know how bad the growling was and they was both under they're hiding place together. We though it was more dominating.

The second day we had them out running in our corridor and then stroked them a bit. They wad happy from what we saw and heard and a lot of odd pop Corning. My husband had mine and I had his and they were ok and happy. My husband decided to put mine on the floor again as I was putting his piggie back. While I was oddly talking to people on here my husband was trying to catch my piggie.
He had acted weird (maybe scared) my husband is a biggish lad. Just as we got him we lost all of a sudden control of JAX as MORPHEUS decided to jump out of the cage door, and ran out behind the cage. We got them back finally.
Today we left them all day and about 30 mins ago we got them out and and brushed and stroked them we had NO treats and they behaved.

My husband we think had found MORPHEUS's favourite place for a stroke as he kept turn in circles for my husband reach a different area. JAX on the other hand placed his head in a relaxing position and he was yawning.

They had been kissing us but does that include some teeth?635557916309477742.jpg WP_20141204_20_03_36_Pro.jpg
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