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What Do You Feed Your Cat?

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Dec 27, 2013
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apologies for spamming the 'other pets' section of the forum, I've got a lot on my mind with my sick dog and I thought I could occupy myself with another problem I'm having.

I have a 15 year old cat who eats a variety of applaws and encore wet cat food. I choose this because it's easily available near me, and it's the highest quality food I can get.

I know there's a lot more choice online, so I was wondering if anyone ordered their food from the web and what you got?
It's all personal opinion. With cats it's important that you have a high protein content in the food due to their diet needs. Applaws does have a high content and a few people I know rate it well.

In my own opinion I feed my cat hills vet care nutrition dry and a tiny bit of James well beloved wet as an evening dinner with his joint supplements. I also like the royal canin range which my dog is on.

Due to your costs age I would ensure that your kitty has a senior food with restricted phosphorus and salt levels. At this age it's better for them and will help with any degenerative kidney disease which a lot of older cats develop.

Good luck in your search. I do believe a good diet is the key to a pretty good health though will not solve everything.

Thank you! I also believe good diet is key to his health.

I've never thought about James well beloved, he used to get the dry food of that but will look at the wet food tomorrow :)
I have 4 cat, two young cats (1yr6mth, 3yrs) and two older cats 10yrs old. One of my older cats recently got diagnosed with renal disease so is now on renal food. Since then I actually feed all of my cats senior food and never adult food.
When Bella (renal cat) got diagnosed the vet actually said he would put all cats on renal food if he could as its the beat diet for them and ensures that they don't get high levels of phosphorus and salt (like abi said :)).
As your cat is quiet old I'd actually think about starting to indoduce and give renal food. In personal experience I've found royal canin seems to be the most palatable, I've tried hills renal but she didnt like it and to be honest I wouldnt have eaten it either if I was cat! Also 'happy cat' I think its called dry food renal is really good! Best renal dry food I've found and quiet cheap too!

Do you give mostly dry food then wet? You could always do renal dry food and senior wet? Or visa versa.
Do you already give senior food?
He gets applaws senior dry food, so changing him over to renal dry food wouldn't be a problem! I'm definitely going to get him some, it sounds like a good option!
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I changed to wet good for my cats a few years ago after some reaserch. Mine have Bozita which I get from Zooplus. They seem to enjoy it! I also wondered about senior food as my cat is now 10. But I think these better quality brands don't seem to do them, I wonder if they don't need extra nutrition, because it's better quality to start with.
My old timer likes Aldi senior. I always get an empty bowl. ;)
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