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What Do You Think Of My Cage Layout? ^_^

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Ruby Inferno

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Sep 18, 2014
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England, UK
Here is my cage layout for a pair of two-month-old girlies I will be soon getting from a local rescue centre: (there is a hay rack on the right that came with the cage, but that's not in the picture)

The little cardboard tubes will also be filled with hay, there are some inside the pigloos. :)

Edit: The cage is a Skyline Maxii XXL from zooplus. It is 120 cm long.

Edit 2: One of the pigloos is a Carrot Cottage by Rosewood Boredom Breakers, and the other (the one covered in shredded newspaper) is one I made using a cornflakes cereal box.
Aww very creative. I Like the newspaper hanging down. But I am not sure if newspaper ink is toxic?

Can't wait to see pics of the new arrivals.
Thanks! :D

Newspaper ink nowadays doesn't tend to be toxic, usually soya-based. Lots of people seem to use newspaper for their piggies.

I think newspaper was almost always toxic about 20 years ago, but it's different now. :)
Thank you, I will definitely be sure to post pigtures when I get the chance. The lady at the rescue centre said they are quite skittish at the moment and hide most of the time, so it might be hard to take pigtures.
That's looks Fab!

I bet your new girls will love it, best of luck with them.

I'm sure once they get to know you and settle down they won't be as skittish.. :)
The newspaper is very creative! Might try that! Toilet rolls stuffed with hay and suspended from the ceiling are also fun for pigs :)
Update on the girlies! They now have names, Pebble and Icicle. :D

I adopted them this afternoon. At first they were very skittish and stayed in a pigloo the whole time. They hid in separate pigloos when they were put into the cage, but I made them share one so they would be able to snuggle and feel less stressed out. A few hours later in the evening, they're exploring and popcorning in the cage, very sociable.

Here is Pebble, sitting under the hanging down newspaper:

And Icicle, nomming on the carrot cottage:

I can't wait to give them cuddles tomorrow when they've settled in a bit more. Their nails are overgrown so hopefully I will be able to clip them then.

It horrifies me how anyone would even consider abandoning such beautiful piggies in a carpark. They're so sweet and I love them so much.
Gorgeous piggies, but I have no idea why anyone would have thought it was OK to adopt an animals knowing that there was a strong possibility that they might have to return them!
Obviously they don't care about animals enough. It's not okay to dump them in a carpark, nor is it okay to adopt with a high probability of them having to return them. If someone thinks it's okay to do both of those, they really shouldn't own animals.

It baffles me what goes through their minds. :hmm:
Thanks @Piggles13!

Update: Icicle is still a little shy, but she sure is a fiesty one! At first she began climbing on top of her carrot cottage while Pebble looked at her like she was crazy, but now she keeps flipping the cottage upside-down and sitting in it. I can't tell you how many times I've put it back upright, it's no use. I'm glad I made them that second pigloo, otherwise they wouldn't have anywhere to hide other than the hanging down newspaper, though the newspaper isn't as sheltered as a pigloo so they prefer retreating to pigloos when they're scared. :))

Meanwhile, Pebble is very sweet and not as shy as Icicle, she seems to like sniffing my finger through the bars. When Pebble goes to sleep, she doesn't usually go into a normal crescent-shape, instead she rests her chin on the ground and looks all relaxed. She looks very much pebble-shaped when she does this, so I refer to this as "pebbling".

Also this evening I handled both of them for the first time. One at a time, I let them sit on my arm for a few minutes and I leant over them a little so they would feel more secure. Both piggies let one leg stick out, so I siezed the opportunity to carefully clip two or three of their nails on their sticking out foot. I will start cuddling them every day, though for the first week or so I won't let cuddle time last for very long so they can just get used to it.
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