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What Have I Done Wrong?

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Oct 25, 2014
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Cheshire, UK
Hi all,

So Fraser and Wesley have now been living with me for nearly three months. They are living in a large c & c cage in my kitchen and have settled in nicely. They were apparently 10months old when they came from the rescue centre. Recently, amongst all the tubes and cuddle sacks they have I placed in a box, with holes cut on each end. This has proved very popular with Fraser especially. They have never been keen on being handled as I suspect they weren't handled much when they were younger. I have tried to pick them up, but this usually involves a few laps of the cage before I can catch them. I know this isn't good but they need to be handled. Then today I was trying to catch Fraser, and he went into the box, obviously feeling frightened and then bit me, really quite hard and drew blood. I know he was warning me to back off, as he was chattering at me, but I have to pick him up, especially since he's long haired and needs grooming. When I did pick him up afterwards so he didn't learn that biting gets him anywhere, he purred when I scratched his back ( or I think it was purring as it certainly wasn't an alarm or chattering of teeth). Should I remove the box in case it has made Fraser more territorial?
Thanks all for your hel.
Poor you!

Being a longhaired piggy is no fun, especially if you don't like being handled (I have got some karate perus here). Would it be an idea to cut his hair shorter so you can minimise the grooming while you concentrate more on making friends with Fraser? Or you could turn it all round and let Fraser have roaming time and his box as a treat after the grooming...

He obviously loves that box, so would it actually work using it as a pick up shuttle to ferry Fraser round from one place to another to avoid having to handle him. Most piggies don't like being picked up because it cuts very close to their prey animal instincts.
Well so the box would last longer I cut out the bottom so it's just sides and top, but I did cut his hair shorter when he had his New Years groom and nail trim. I think it is just a panick pry response, since he will let me tickle his head for a little bit before grunting and running off, and then purred when I scrwtched his back when he was sat on my lap. They both run away when I try and pick them up, and although Fraser has bitten me twice, Wesley is far more keen to run off and will only take food from me if really coaxed. They're both happy pigs though for the most part, and once they are on lap they calm down. I'm just battling their piggie instincts I guess.
Could you put that box on a little rag or newspaper covered tray for easy lift-off? It is much easier to ferry piggies around if you can train them to come into some kind of conveyance; that really cuts down on the stress of the pick-up. Using something your piggies like to run into, would make it much easier.

As I have a fair number, I used a wicker wastepaper basket that I hold sideways for mine, for instance, so I can transport 2-3 piggies to and from the lawn in one go. they have learned to walk into it (some with a bit more gentle chivvying than others).
Ok that sounds adorable. Cuddle sacks could be used, or I have a cuddly tunnel they also like. I worried about doing it though as I thought they'd get more worried as they thought they were safe in the tunnel/sack. I'll stop worrying too much about that and see if it works. Thanks
Iet them have whatever you are using to have a nap in first, so they have good associations. I always have a little treat like a bit of fresh grass or herb at the back. I always use the same phrase with the same melody, so my piggies know what is up and what is required of them. I find it easier to chivvy piggies into firm transport conveyances than soft ones, though.
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