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What Pellets And Hay Do You Guys Recommend!

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Jan 16, 2015
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I'm kind of going towards using Burgess tasty nuggets and oxbow hay (although I'm trying to get hay from our local farm) but what do you guys use/recommend? If you have any treat recipes or cute ideas you could link/tell me the that would be amazing. Just joined the forums! :nod:
The burgess (which my girls are on) are not the best as they contain sugar. Which is obviously bad, and they aren't grainless.
The best pellets are these, but some piggies do not like them, so the second option are below.

I am going to be doing a change over to bunny in a few weeks, I hope they will like bunny, if not I will try vitacraft.

Thanks for the useful links! It really helps :)
I feed my piggies Maisy and Poppy the selective and pets@home nuggets. The pets@home give them a shiny coat and the selective - well they prefer it! I feed the burgess excel dandelion and marigold forage to my guinea pigs and they love it!
I use to feed my girls Oxbow Timonthy Hay, but it kept poking me whenever I stuck my hand in the bag so I switched to Oxbow Orchard Grass which is softer and I never get poked anymore.

For pellets I've been using Oxbow Cavy Cuisine but recently my oldest Piggie just passed a stone so I just ordered some KMS pellet (still in transport). I just found out that Oxbow Cavy Cuisine can cause stones in piggies because of the calcium carbonate that they use in their formula.
I used to use Pets@home but my girls have got rather fat whilst on them:\ they now have Dr Johnsons pellets.any reviews for those?
I feed my guinea pigs Versele Laga's Cavia complete pellets. They like them most. I have tried pellets form Bunny, but only Darina and Nermin eat them, Litonya sniffs and runs away, and Bjarni bites only once. Pellets form JR-Farm I haven't tried yet (they are said to be grainless), but I think I will try them too and change to them if my piggies eat them.
The hay I buy from an animal food shop. It is from special meadows only used for making hay for guinea pigs and rabbits. The name is "Lüko Bioheu". My piggies like it very much.
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