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What Pellets?

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Nov 23, 2014
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Bristol, UK
we brought home two six week old guinea pigs today, have them in a hutch in a heated conservatory, and also got a playpen for the living room. They have a diet of meadow hay and readigrass, and we were given some dried pellets with them. We are also giving them veg twice a day, I've written a menu based on all the advice so they get the right amount of stuff the right amount of times a week, and different stuff morning and night haha! But I'm wondering about what pellets to buy, I think looking at them that we have cavy performance at the moment - are they the best? What about burgess excel or science selective? Or own brands? Feel like I'm going round in circles and just want to give them what is best for them! Please help!
keep them on the food they're used to for now as they settle in. then you can gradually make any changes. it's a stressful time for them coming into a new home so best keep things as they are at the start just so you're not adding any additional stress for them to deal with. :)

i feed eddie and mollie on oxbow pellets at the moment. they're a good brand. :)
Thanks,mine ordered some of the cavy performance , and we will see how they get on, good idea to change slowly if we decide to tho.

What hay is best, Timothy, meadow or Ings?
i personally feed a mix of hays for variety, but if you feed just one, then any of those are fine. depends what they prefer :)
The golden rule when choosing what pellets to feed is; Less calcium and more Vitamin C. I am sure you know that too much calcium can cause bladder stones, and they need vit C because, like us humans, they do not manufacture it in their own bodies, so have to have it in their food. This means in their veg and greens, not just in their dry food.
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