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What To Do For The Best? Naughty Boars

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Julie M

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Jun 9, 2014
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I don't know what to do with my boys, they were separated as they fell out. Now living in a 6x2 c&c split into 2 3x2 cages, they can see each other and have taken to digging up the fleece at the same corner (Fudge started this digging first Alby copied him) I have tried 're introducing them without success in a neutral area. They just want to fight. Rumbling chattering mounting (normal) then they were nipping and trying to bite each other. It's so sad I just want my boys to be happy. Now they are miserable. I am trying to give them attention but they want to be together however when they get together they fight. Boys. :( I don't have lots of money to go building another piggy mansion but I have a feeling I may have to start saving. Also if I take on 2 more piggies what if they fall out and I have 4 single piggies. :(
I was told they were 2 1/2 when I got them so that would make them about 3. However I think Alby is that age and fudge is younger. (He displays a lot of humping behaviours. Lol.
To be safer if they are not going to bond, you could consider having them both neutered and them going to a rescue to find them a wife pig each. These are the most stable bonds between piggies so you would know they are 99% likely to be always friends :)
You could also do the boar dating route though. However, be careful of listening to me as I started with 2 boars and ended up with 7:nod:
But seriously, if you find boars that your boys bond with, it can be great. Even my monster Tea Cake found his best ever cage mate with some perseverance.
But you are doubling your work load and your potential vets bills with either wives or more boar partners so it is not to be done lightly.
You could consider relinquishing one boar and getting a new friend for the remaining - a boar swap but I know you are very attached so that might be too hard to do.
I feel for you as there are some difficult choices but it does sound as though they have come to the end of the road in their relationship if they go straight to fight mode.
:eek: Thanks for the replies. I don't know what to do for the best. I don't want to give either of them up. But I may have to. I don't have any piggy savvy vets near me for neutering and I feel Alby is too old for that. As I don't know their true ages. Alby has a cataract in one eye and I think this is making him grumpy. He's the one that starts the fighting. :td:
Hey Julie, I know you have said you don't want to neuter your boars but this is just a thought for any future vet visits..
The rescue in Ayrshire mentioned on the other thread states that they use a good vet and have used the vet for around 10 years. It might be worth contacting them and finding out which vet they use and registering your piggies there for future. I'm sure they'd be experienced in piggies if the rescue owner takes all her piggies there. Just a thought :)

Hope you get something sorted!
Its such a shame they dont get on - my boys were adopted around the same age as yours (again the age was just a guess so might be older) and they both get on, but grumble and hump a bit.

Recently I realised that as I only had one hay tray in the cage they it was causing quarrels and they do the grumble chin up thing - so I have given them two so they can eat close by but not get on each others nerves when they are eating - they are big boys so were probably too squished in that tray!

Hope you find a solution, sounds like you are doing the best for your piggies. :)
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