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When Should A Begin Taming My Guinea Pigs? When I Do ,what Methods Should I Use?

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Dec 29, 2014
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I bought 2 guinea pigs 3 days ago but I have never had guinea pigs before so this taming is new to me. How long should I wait until beginning to tame them and make them trust me? also what methods do you recommend me tying? one of my guinea pigs, Darcy, will come to me and take food and is very forward until I try to stroke her but my other one, Sugg, is very shy and nervous and when I am at the cage, he will come out but he will constantly have his eye on me and as soon as I make the littlest move he gets scared and runs to his tunnel. How can I get Sugg and Darcy to trust me? any comment will be appreciated as I know very little on guinea I behaviour. Thankyou.
You are doing well to offer treats to coax them over to your hand. It sounds like this is working really well with Darcy. Some pigs are more skittish and will need a bit more time. When we got Sundae, she was very skittish and wary of people. What helped the most to get her used to being held was, frankly, just holding her. She didn't like being picked up, but would settle down once she had been caught, so we would put her on our laps frequently even if we had to chase her a bit to do it. When we put her back, we would give her a treat and try to always make it a positive experience. We were introducing her to an older cagemate who was already very tame, so I think she watched Linney interact with us and not be afraid of us and that helped too (so having a bolder cagemate may work in your favour.) It might take longer, but it is so gratifying when they do come to trust you, especially if they have been fearful at first!
Well done for offering your piggies some treats to help coax them over, that is one of the best ways to tame a guinea pig I find. Some pigs are more skittish then others. I find that catching a pig then putting it in my lap then start stroking it then talk to it so it can get use to my voice. Do this every day and she'll soon be ambling up to you in the morning or whenever.
Try and be with them all the time. Keep them on your lap. Give Darcey loads of attention and hopefully the shyer one will feel jealous and start coming for cuddles to!

Good luck,
I got my guinea pigs three days ago from today 13/01/2015, and I'm now in the exact same situation. How are you getting on? :)
Hi everyone! I'm having the same problem with my 2 babies! My Bella is great and will happily be held and stroked, but Hermione is like a wild thing, racing round her pen trying to get away or freezing first, then bolting! Trying to hold her every day, but she wriggles so much, I have to put her down again! She also has a really wild look in her eyes! Only had them a week so am perservering! :o
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