When Sows Experience A Strong Season (videos)

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Mar 10, 2009
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Strong pheromone output by both new boars or other sows in season can sometimes trigger several sows close enough in their oestrus cycle to spontaneously come into season, too, which results in some very lively times!

During the initial stage, sows coming into season tend to mainly chase and mount other sows just below her in the hierarchy (or lacking that, the sow just above in the rankins or a submissive or gentle husboar). They will only mate at the end of the season.

Here you can see Briallen chasing mainly her next lower ranked undersow Miaren (who is not happy at all about the chasing, especially as her season is not triggered) and Meleri (who is slightly ahead of Briallen into her own season) with busy black neutered boar Barri tagging along after the girls, but being emphatically told off when he is chancing his luck too early.
PS: Please excuse the state of the room; I have postponed their cage clean until after the orgy is safely over - this video has been taken a couple of hours into the fun and games so the pen was already trashed by then!

Little Meleri, who is coming up to the teenage months, is coming to the end phase of her own season when she is ready to mate. Briallen is not quite there yet.
But you can also see that notwithstanding the mounting both adults are reassuring the little girl going through the full gamut for the first time!

This little video is a good illustration of how it is the sows that are in control; this was taken coming to the end of Meleri's mating phase.
Meleri is a lot more agile than neutered boar Barri; she has to be willing to stay still and lower her bum for him in order for him to do his job.
When she has enough, he gets some well aimed pee in his face! You can always spot a boar living with sows - he is generally much more careful when sniffing bums and always prepared to make big jump backwards! :D

On occasion, I have experienced up to 8 sows coming into season over the course of three days. What you are missing is the full stink from all the female and male pheromones as well as the very stinky testosterone output.

The day after is thankfully always very quiet, with a lot of mutual piggy kissing and reaffirming their social bonds. The drama can come as big surprise to new owners, but it serves the purpose of bonding the members of a group more closely together.

The first seasons after a bonding are generally strong ones, even more so when a (neutered) boar is involved. Teenage sows or adult sows experiencing a hormone spike tend to have the strongest seasons.
Please see a vet if your adult sow is nonstop in season and is gradually losing weight as well as upsetting her group with her constant pestering; she may require hormone treatment for an ovarian cyst.

More information on sows and hormonal problems related to strong seasons and aggressive behaviours:
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