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When Your Girlfriend Interrupts Your Guinea Pigs Bedtime Story

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Awwww Sandy looks like a funky Jedi!
Luna's face is class too, very expression-ate. How is she doing?
haha, shes doing really well. Doing alot of showing off for Stanley through the bars these days. She's playing hard to get while he rumblestruts about trying to woo her, but i think he likes him! If he stops trying to get her attention and wanders off she seems to panic that she's not attractive enough for him anymore and starts chewing the bars to get his attention back, :roll: They're awful cute.
@MerryPip Ano! don't know who she thinks she is, paha. It's ok, Luna just told her straight
".....look, we'll talk to you when this chapters done"
Tbh, I dont think she was really listening to the story, I think she was just using it as a ruse to eat my book.....there now seems to be words missing from the top right corner of each page :hmm:
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