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Where do your piggies go when you go on hols?

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I'm going to devon a week Saturday and a week friday its time for the piggies to go to their holiday homes, we dont have any bording places nearby and couldnt afford them if there where so we get rid of everything out of the cages and then i put the baby cage(Eddies cage the one we use if there is ever fights and tehre has to be a seperation) into Harrys (the bigger one up from the baby cage) and then that into Zubin and Eddies (The mansion!) and its into our van, then Ed and Zub will share their carrier to my uncle daves house where they spend teh week in the lounge which Zubin loves he loves the attention even though he gets hell loads here lol and of course he likes GMTV which my auntie watches when she comes home from lates(shes a nursE) Harry is staying with my nan and uncle (he still lives with her at 35! men!) who will smother him in love she is addicted to him he will be really fat when we get back i can see it now lol! and they have a mammoth run for their bunnies (Punkin and Flics sisters) so he will be in his element! though they do have alot of cats so we may need to think it through again, anyways Harry has a smaller carrie to go in and then hes off to my nans then comes the hard bit! the rabbits! Punkin and Flic have to go first under no circumstances can it be teh other way because Punkin and Flic will smell her and then all hell will break loose! anyway they will go with their hutch to my uncles who will keep them in his garden with his EVIL bunny Dasher though they never meet! then Bobbin will go to my sisters friends house she will be smothered in love as they run a nursery and the nursery nurses will fall in love with her everyone does, this wil take us oh about 5 hours in total! and then we set off around 5/6 AM to go to Devon my dad will leave early as he hates traffic. all i can say is thank GOD we have a toyota hiace big enough for all the hutches and cages or we may have problems! where do your piggies go when you go on holiday?
Actually we were thinking of taking them too! Do they travel well? Say a 4-5 hr drive?
Have you tried Animal Magic Pet Sitting Service & Rescue. They are in Portsmouth. Or there is one in Basingstoke that I use that is only 50 minutes from Portsmouth. There is also a Petpals is in Portsmouth too.


Piggies can get very stressed with travelling. Personally I would say 4/5 hours is too much. Mine travel up to 1.5 hours and thats enough.
My cousin or brother comes over to mine and looks after them. We've got the cat, snails and fish to think of too!

I would love to take them with us everytime we go out, but with me in the chair, that's enough! LOL
my partners sister comes over everyday to feed them so no worry in moving them
my eldest son moves back home for the time we are away, mum and dad normally help him out as well, leaving our 17 year home this time as well, so eldest is minding him as well as the 2 dogs and parrot and koi, bless him he's a good boy
Bev, they travel fine. just make sure you have a light cloth to drape over one end of the hutch to protect them from sunlight and I also have a water spray if it is very hot - for me as well as them!
Pet pals are really expensive my friend uses them for her cats and they cost so much she should really pay me teehee lol, and plus my cousins love Zub and I'm sure they are going to take to Ed too lol, its cheaper this way we get them a bottle of wine to say thanks or with my nan she likes we to do dinner for her sometime which is cool, i couldnt take them with me my dad would not enjoy that and with all charlottes feeding equipment things would become unsterile and then we have issues! lol x
a lot come here lol

i do free holiday boarding for all my re_homed rescues , its a chance to see them again and see how they are doing i also offer them free nail clipping so that brings them back on occassions to.
My friend use to pop in once a day to feed ours. These days my parents are usually here if I'm away.

This year we are all thinking of going away together so I'm looking into ideas, and not getting very far ::)

The guineas are no trouble as they could go to friend that has a small rescue - she has spare hutches so they just go for the 5 min ride in a carrier.

My rabbit Leos harder to place as he 'thumps' all night if in new surroundings so friend has refused to have him again, her friend runs a boarding service but wont have him unless he gets VHD and mixi jabs - hes never had those in his 8 years so not planning on it now.

He also lives in a huge hutch that is too heavy to move and wont even fit in our estate - he would be very stroppy and sad if left in a small hutch all week and likes to spend most of the day in his run. Have got friends who would have him but he would have to go in a small hutch all week - hate that idea so am very stuck for ideas.

Anyone know of any boarding services in the West Midlands - am also stuck as i dont drive so needs to be within about 5 miles from Stourbridge. Think pet sitters services would be too expensive and mum doesnt want anyone in the house whilst we are away!

Alison :)
i think you will find any rescue , well any decent rescue would insist that your bunny has his mixi jab etc b4 they will take them.
If you bring their cages they can stay with me anytime Alison.

Leo is an outdoor bun if I remember rightly and I don't have any outdoor animals of my own so he would be fine.
Thanks for that - they would love to visit you I'm sure :) but would have to see if parents would drive me over.............not booked anything yet but will let you know if we do!

Thanks Alison :)
Willie spends time at my mothers when I am going to be gone for a few days to a week even when my husband is going to be home. She loves to talk to him, and feed him his veggies and everything. She takes better care of him than my husband even though he does spoil him when he's home. My mom just enjoys the extra company and loves to watch him and listen to him tell her all sorts of stories.
Holiday? whats one of those then? hahahahaha. I haven't been on holiday for 10 years :o. I won't leave my animals ;D

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