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Where To Get Tested For Allergies To Guinea Pigs - Thanks For Any Help

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Feb 15, 2015
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Hi all

I'd welcome any advice you can give. I'm considering adopting two GPs, but we know my husband is allergic to cat hair (quite severely) and to a lesser extent to dogs - though we had a dog for many years and he had no problems with her though she shed hair everywhere.

Is it possible to get tests by post to check specifically for GP allergy or will he need to see a Dr for that?

Reading some of the posts on here it seems that some people have an allergy to hay too - as my hubby gets hayfever I'm guessing that could be an issue too? If we do bring the two GPs home they will live inside (we have a large fox who lives in the woods nearby and has already got neighbourhood piggies and chickens so outside is not an option except for grazing supervised in a run in summer).

TIA for any advice on this.
I have hay fever myself and take tablets for it - but in a mild winter, I need to do so for 11 months of year anyway, so doing it all year round doesn't make much of a difference anyway! But it can be an issue, as hay should make up to 80% of a guinea pig's daily food intake.

You can either go through your vets or you could try to arrange a few visits to a place where your husband could handle guinea pigs to see whether he is likely to develop an allergy to them as well.
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