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Who On Hear Makes Hay Bags?

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Jun 16, 2014
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I'm going to buy a hay bag for my boys as they can empty there small external hayrack quickly and although I put them a big pile of hay in their cage a couple of times a day they soon squash it and drag there stinky man pig parts all over it;-) I have seen a few Internet sites mentioned on here but I thought I would would prefer to give my custom and support to a forum member. Could probably do with ordering some other things too. Who do you guys recommend?
They do make themselves very good at things like that :)
I'm not on Facebook so I will have a look and message you on here if that's ok?
I went on fb and have clicked the link to request your shop page, your snuggles look great! I have made a few but am not very good at sewing, so need some well made items lol :)
Aw thank you :D I'm always knocking around if you need anything.
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