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Jennifer D

Teenage Guinea Pig
Nov 21, 2014
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Alberta, Canada
Me today when I found some Jammy Dodgers at the British Import store :) MAN, they are hard to find here sometimes. I go through withdrawal symptoms often. I squealed and scared the cashier something awful! I also bought a whack load of Tayto chips. Hehehehe
Girl you got the moves :D:D:D:D:D

How long that little stash going to last? :whistle:
Sadly, not long ;) I was contemplating leaving them behind for the summer and only having a "few" when I come home to visit.... not gonna happen! :)
Jammy Dodgers are immense :D I might have to get a packet now, haha!

(I have the same t-shirt by the way :)) )
Mmmm pawn cocktail! Yummy!

Love those cats too! (Obviously, I'm the crazy cat lady)
I don't like jammy dodgers! But yes, we should send you some. *puts one in an envelope*
Jammy Dodgers are my second favourite but Penguins are my first! But Canada has banned them! Hilarious! BANNING A BISCUIT :) Silly, silly!
Haha! That's fair. If I find IrnBru here it costs me $4.00 ;) Horrible! I would settle for Vimto as well!
Omg. Thats the same here, i have to go to 'Americandy' or 'Yankee candy' to get american sweets and juice and it costs an absolute fortune! I bought a box of lucky charms cereal and it cost me £8.70!
Ok deal! haha, I do love vimto.

WHY ARE PENGUINS BANNED?! i wish they'd ban them here, they always seem to be the only biscuits anyone has in their houses and i hate them, hahah
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