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Won't Eat Hay..

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Holly's Mama.

Junior Guinea Pig
Dec 19, 2014
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I've had my girl Holly for 5 days now. She will eat fruits, veggies, and some pellets. She won't eat much hay at all. What should I do?

Thank you! :)
Thank you! :)

The brand they told be to get at the store I bought her at is Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay. She told me she'd like it better because it's softer. I am going out to get a different kind. The pig I had years ago ate the Timothy Hay.
I second trying different ones. :) I use a mixture of timothy and meadow hay, which they tend to clear pretty quickly. :)
I third trying different ones, she'll soon realize that it's good for her!
Thank you! :) We're getting ready to go to the store so I will definitely be picking her some up! Hopefully she will like it. It worries me.

**Also, how much water should they drink a day?
I got her Forti-Diet natural Timothy Hay. Hopefully she'll like it! :)
Brilliant news! The amount of water varies from pig to pig.

I never used to see Jackson drink much, but they get a lot of water from their fresh food too.

I'd only really worry if you see her drinking excessively or notice no water is being drank at all whatsoever.
I've had some picky piggies regarding Hay too! Offering different varieties always helps. Glad you have found something she likes. Remember to keep water bottles clean( including the spouts!) and filled with fresh water every day.
I agree to try her on a variety of hay, it is odd she doesn't like the Orchard grass though, hopefully the Timothy will go down better.
Thank you! :)
I clean her bottle and give her fresh water daily along with fresh fruits and vegetables. She really seems to like the Timothy Hay. :D
I've noticed she eats much more at night than during the day. She'll eat her pellets and hay when I lay down. She stays in my bedroom.
She didn't eat much hay at all yesterday. :/ What should I do?
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