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Worries About The Cats

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Jan 2, 2015
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Coulsdon, Surrey
My next door neighbour has a cat which has always come into our garden. Over the past few days when I've gone out to feed my pigs the cat has been near their hutch. Today the cat had actually managed to get under one of the flaps of the cover as their were paw prints in the hutch. Not impressed! Will it be able to get in and is it just being curious or are cats a danger?
Cats are definitely a danger.
Could you think about putting pad locks on the doors?
Is the wire reinforced enough?

Really, this weather isn't too suitable for hutches to be outdoors, with a cover or not. Could you think about them being indoors?
Thank you for your responses, although I must say I know that people are just trying to be helpful but it is getting quite annoying to have to justify myself every time I mention that my guinea pigs are outside. Believe me, they are very very toasty- in fact they are much warmer to the touch outside than when I bring them inside. They have heat pads, beds, fleece and hay.

Anyway I will go and get some locks tomorrow I think.
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