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Worrying About New Girl Pig. Unnecessarily?

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New Born Pup
Mar 24, 2015
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hello. No matter what I read I do have worries about my New Guinea pig. She is a girl born in 1st feb and smooth hair.

She is home yesterday and o have filled up water bottle. Bowl of pellets. Lots of hay. This evening I put in 4 slices of cucumber.

In 1 day she hasn't eaten or drunk anything. That's why I put out cucumber for water too

She handles well when I got her was happy in my hands and I weighed her she is 469g.

She hasn't touched cucumber yet and stays in corner of cage and doesn't move at all. I did try to hand feed a cucumber piece but wouldn't eat it.

I'm trying to leave her alone. Did all yesterday and today but now I'm starting to worry. She has been handled since birth and knows how to use a water bottle and everything. Should I keep weighing her daily and should I syringe in water or pellets. I'm not sure the hay is being eaten either though she has made a bed of it like.
Does she have somewhere to hide and feel safe? Try putting the food in there. She probably feels quite nervous still. She will feel safer eating in the privacy of her hidey space.
If you only got her yesterday, she probably is just nervous :')
Just give her some time and as ayemee said, give her some food in her house :)

Best of luck.
I have put cucumber by the entrance to her house but on the inside which is where she is currently sat. I will sleep soon and check in the morning. She is a lovely girl and I just want her to be ok! I have yet to hear any movement
Hi and welcome!

Is she your only guinea pig or has she got company? guinea pigs are social animals that live in groups, so especially any youngster finding itself alone in new territory will be very frightened, even more so if they haven't much in the way of human contact before.
here are our tips:

The biggest favour you can do her is to please get her a same sex companion; that is going to bring her out like nothing else and will also help to keep her stimulated, happy and healthier. Single piggies tend to develop annoying attention seeking habits to satisfy their craving for company and are also a lot pickier about their diet. By far the safest place to get guinea pigs from is a good standard guinea pig rescue, as they are guaranteed healthy and not pregnant and any bonding is going to take character compartibility into account.
We have got a recommended UK rescues locator on the top bar, but we may be able provide contacts for other countries, too.

Please introduce fresh food only slowly into the diet unless you know that she has had veg before. Keep everything very close to her hidey. Drinking from bottles is something that guinea pigs learn from their elders by example; youngsters have often not yet had time to do so.


We have got lots more information on all kinds of aspects of guinea pig life and care at the top of our various Care section, which you may find helpful. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

We have got members from all over the world and find it most helpful in being able to adapt any advice and recommendations to what is available and possible for you. Please click on your username on the top bar, then go to personal details and scroll down to location to add your country, state or (for the UK) your county. Thanks!
She is my only guinea. I was going to get a second but found out a few days before collecting both pigs that the girl was in fact a boy! So I picked up my girl and couldn't get the other. I was thinking of going down to p@h and looking at the adoption station to see if they have a rescue girl. Don't think there are rescue near. I will check that link out though

I don't want her to be sad being alone and it would be good to get confirmed pig as a sister who is healthy

She was fed cucumber and carot so anything new i will definitely add slowly. She had a bowl full of pellets loads of hay.

As I type this she has just started on the water bottle I can hear it even though I can't see her so feel a bit more at ease.

I will look for a friend but need to do that next week as my daytime is taken up this week. I hope she will be ok to then
I have found using a towel or blanket to cover or partially cover a cage can really help them feel more secure in new surroundings. I tend to cover all but one side as then it means I can watch without it being obvious to the piggy. Sounds like she is starting to settle though so keep us posted
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