Would it be worth neutering and switching up pairs?


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Jan 31, 2021
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Des Moines, IA, United States
We currently have 4 pigs, two girls and two boys who were unexpected arrivals from one of the girls. The two girls are barely tolerating each other at this point, the smaller girl is constantly running and hiding from the older mama and is a lot more timid than before. They never sleep or play together, the older female is constantly spraying urine and guarding all food and water. The boys are doing okay, they play together and are always popcorning and spending time together. But there's some teeth flashing and tense moments that are ramping up as they get older.
We also need to rehome two of the pigs so that we have only one pair. The cost of hay and amount of cleaning is too much for us.
So with that said I've been wondering if its worth it to neuter the boys and try switching up the pairs. There's an experienced vet a bit away that we could have them neutered at. But I wonder if I'm being a little selfish about this. Admittedly part of my desire to try comes from me wanting to keep one of the boys even though our original plan was to rehome both of them. I've fallen in love with his curious personality, and honestly I spend the most time with him. But my husband picked out our younger skinny girl, and she's his baby. So I kind of hope they would get along well and we could keep both of them, while the unhappy mom could go with our other boy. I do worry about messing everything up and having two broken up pairs instead though.
Should I not try this? Do the girls sound lime they have a normal enough relationship that we should keep everything how it is? They have enough space with 12 sqft. Maybe I'm being selfish by wanting to risk the boys relationship.