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Zubin and Griffin

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Last night again they spent in our bathroom because they where so noisy! but today i put them in our lounge for some free ranging it was griffins first time on the floor and he kept popcorning it was so cute and zubin poped once or twice but there was rumbling just ONCE! I hope tonight i will finally sleep without there constant bickering lol i think that the pigloo was causing problems because when i took it out they where fine i hope there quiet tonight ill let everyone know if there finally quiet friends hehe x :D
They have to get used to each other.. also if there's only one pigloo, chances are they will get jealous who has it! Best to have two of everything or none at all
I just got a second chube for them and there less rubberily and two toy balls i will get them another pigloo tomoro, i just heard Griffin wheek so loudly it sounded scary and went to investigate i think a mouse may have got into there cage as they where huddled in a corner ive tried everything to keep mice out grr i might have to move the cage further away from the wall (we have mice because we live near a railway and its cold and theres building work going on we have traps but they are very clever mice and they keep stealing the choclate and leaving the trap! )
nope its not I'm terrified of them we might have to call the council in if it doesnt get better i dont want to kill them but we're running out of options and if there eating the pigs food that cant be fair and i dont no what dieseases they might give to them x
may be much better to get the council involved.. it's not the same, but some years ago we had a really bad infestation of wasps at the bottom of our garden.. we tried everything to get rid of them but they just kept coming back! Got in touch with the council, they came out the next day and managed to get rid completely! Anyway, it saves money to get the council out!
Yeh suppose but i hate to think I'm killing an animal but i got to think of the piggies if their beginning scared its not really fair on them x
yeh, Zubin and Griffin where Noisy Again! last night so back in the bathroom they went i think i might have to think about relocating them :p maybe the lounge my dad will go mad though I'm gettin another house for them today i better only take £10 incase i see another piggie i like lol! this morning Zubin was rumbling so much i got him out and cuddled him i was in bed so i tucked him up with me, my sister came in and started talking to Griffin then noticed Zubin wasnt there and started saying to my mum that he'd escaped and jumped about 2ft! my mum started running round the room so shut my eyes and acted asleep zubin was suprising quiet then my sis pulled my quilt off and looked for him under my bed he was right by her arm and she didnt see him it was so funny lol i think Zubins jealous of the attention Griffin is gettin when people come over they fuss over Griffin because hes tiny and fluffy and hes new i think i might have to hold Zubin first in future i hope he shuts up soon or else ill have to get some ear plugs lol x
They spent the first night together in my room rubbled once! i think we've cracked it yay! x
Yeh kind of i had a mouse visitor that kept scratching but at least i wasnt up at 2 putting a heavy cage in teh bath lol fingers crossed there stay like that again tonight!
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