abscess removal

  1. court29x

    Lump on back

    Hi I’m looking for opinions as my guinea pig Bean has got a lump on the bottom of her back just above her bum. When I touch it she moves away but doesnt squeal. She’s eating and drinking fine, I only found the lump last night and ever since then she’s been very feisty with my other Guinea pig...
  2. Morgie16

    Guinea pig eye removal surgery

    We noticed a lump next to the eye on our 3 year old female guinea pig. They are thinking it is an abscess. They did x-rays to confirm that it was not due to anything dental/teeth related. Right now she is on terramycin, orbax, meloxicam and artificial tears. She is unable to lubricate the eye...
  3. H

    Young Female Guinea pig with abscess! I need help!

    I have two beautiful guinea pigs named Henry and Celestine (both female). Celestine, the younger female piggy, has had struggles with abscesses. She first had an abscess that was lanced and drained and healed but a new one has grown back. The abscess is on her chin/neck area and is quite large...