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  1. Cloefreeman

    Help! Aggressive piggy T.T

    Hello! Please help, I'm starting to get desperate :( I've been introducing my piggies in neutral spaces for 3 months, but from the very first moment Moira (female) attacks Vega (female) every single time, and now Vega is absolutely terrified of her and Moira feels even more powerful. She...
  2. C

    My two guineapigs keep fighting! Should I separate them ?

    I’ve had my two male guineas coming up to two years from the start they had little arguments but nothing serious like hurting each other until lately I have noticed my bigger guinea pig hulk has bald patches and really small scabs from the other guinea pig theadore pulling his hair out ! so I...
  3. M

    Help With My Pig Please! - Hard Tweaking

    ive had my male pig since July 2017. We got him from the pet store ( I didn’t know you should rescue) along with another male. Right away he was bold and dominant. So a couple days later we took the male he dominated back. Hes always been a bit aggressive, and I wanted a Guinea pig because I...
  4. A

    A Very Cute But Aggresive Guinea Pig Problem

    Alright so heres the story, I have two guinea pigs, Alexander and Louy. When I got Alexander, he was very easy to tame so I didn't need to worry about him. However, I am having a difficult problem with Louy. Louy is a tiny part abyssinian guinea pig (assuming hes abyssinian because of his...