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  1. M

    Should i introduce a know 'aggressive' piggie to the group

    Hi, So my little brother really wants a Guinea pig. Since i was already planning to get a third guinea pig i agreed to let him own my third one. All good right? Later when we went to buy some hay from the pet shop this plan was completely ruined when he fell in love with a little black piggie in...
  2. C

    My Piggy Is Suddenly Very Agressive?

    I'm a new guinea pig owner and have two piggies, both a few months old. One of them, my first bought one, Leia, has suddenly become extremely agressive and nasty. Here is some maybe helpful background information: I bought Leia about two months ago now. She was very sweet and timid, loved to be...
  3. AdamFrench

    Bereaved Piggy Losing Weight

    Hi, We lost one of your sows on Tuesday and the remaining one hasn't responded very well. She was already in for a scan which highlighted a thickened uterus wall the day after we lost Teri. She never saw Teris body as she was PTS at the vets. She was ok for the first couple of days and now...
  4. Beans&Toast

    Sow In Heat..?

    So I've had Beans and Toast for about a year now. Beans seems to be the domanent one, although most of the time they get on absolutely fine. When it comes to being in heat, Toast can get a bit agressive and relentless with her chasing Beans around, but no violence or anything. However, lately...
  5. B

    Aggressive Or Not?

    Hey. I have had 3 guinea pigs, all female, for 2 months now and they get along great for the most part, sometimes some bickering here and there, not unusual. So tonight after I clean their cage, one of them just starts acting really aggressive. She would chase after the other two, try to mount...