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  1. W

    4 pigs. 1 on his own.

    Unsure what to do with my guine pig Jeffy. We have 4 guinea pigs. 2x brothers. Some reason a pair of brothers now hate eachother and fight and argue when they are near. Making one brother to gain loads of cuts and bruises so we split them apart. This caused the group to be split into 3 pigs...
  2. L

    Guinea Pig Sitting Still

    I bought 6 female guinea pigs6 weeks ago. They lived together with many others in a huge barn.They were very timid but friendly. They have all settled well and eat and drink fine. They live in a hutch with a huge run attached. One guinea pig (Trixie) sits in the same corner of the top tier of...
  3. Xxhdxx

    Should I Get Another Guinea Pig?

    Hello everyone! I hope your day has been well. I had two guinea pigs Phoenix and Gemini(both boys), but unfortunately Phoenix passed away. Gemini is/was very territorial while pheonix (I got him as a baby and had him for a year) as he was growing up, became more territorial as well. They never...
  4. Sporgan

    Unexpected Death Of A Young Boar, Do I Need To Get Another Playmate For His Brother?

    Over the weekend a tragic accident resulted in the very tough decision to have one of my fur babies put to sleep to end his suffering. The whole day was very emotional, unusual and difficult for me but also for my other guinea pig - his brother and cage mate of 2 years. I have been monitoring...
  5. Jennybug89

    Could She Be Grieving?

    Just a quick question. So I've had Rosie for two weeks. She's apparently three months old. Up to the day before I got her she was living with her sister. The owner then decided to split them and gave the sister to someone else, and Rosie came to me on her own. Could she possibly be grieving her...
  6. AdamFrench

    Taos Not Eating When Alone

    Tao was losing weight and we think it was down to the Baytril she was on We had stopped The Baytril and she began to put weight back on for 1 day. We were given Emeprid and Zantac yesterday to start on its own before the Baytril again after 24hours. Last night she had her 1st doses of Emeprid...
  7. Alexandra West

    What To Do With A Single Piggie?

    Hey! Finnian, my beloved piggie acts fine and all but how can I keep away boredom for him? I'm not allowed to get another piggie, so he's all alone. I let him play a lot and hold him to keep him company, but how and I keep him from being bored when I can't entertain him? I tried my hardest to...
  8. HeulwenRose

    Seeking Advice From Owners With Just One Pig

    Hello! I would love some tips and advice from other owners who own just one pig. Honestly any responses would be greatly appreciated! Nearly two years ago, I bought two of the most lovely guinea pigs anyone could wish for. Dalek Kaan (Hopefully there are some Doctor Who fans here), the black...