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Sep 20, 2018
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Unsure what to do with my guine pig Jeffy.

We have 4 guinea pigs. 2x brothers. Some reason a pair of brothers now hate eachother and fight and argue when they are near. Making one brother to gain loads of cuts and bruises so we split them apart. This caused the group to be split into 3 pigs together in outdoor hutch and 1 alone indoors.

Single pig now doesnt want to be friends with any of them and tries fighting them all.
Planning on bringing all pigs in for winter but there just isnt enough hutches to be seperated unless we divide 1 indoor hutch for them.

I'm just unsure what to do.
I have tried rejoining them in jn territorial space but te brothers fight.
I have also tried bringing in a different pig to try be friends and its ended in a fight.

He just won’t be friends with any of the other 3 pigs, he just wants to be alone and we don’t know what to do!
He loves human attention but when itclmes to being near another pig he goes mental.
The other 3 pigs seem fine with eachother.

Any ideas?! Literally desperate at this point!
Whole family stressing over these guinea pigs

I quickly scanned through your other thread.
Sometimes a pig will just not take to other pigs. I have a boar who absolutely hates other boars, no matter what, but he loves girls but he is very domineering. He really had mental issues however with a lot of love and contact from me he is much better.
I guessed you tried the whole proper re-bonding with bathing them and cleaned area?

I'll be surprised if your 3 remaining boars stay friends within a year also. Its a difficult one but it might be that you have to find your lonely a boar a girlfriend after getting him neutered.
So to check I’ve understood, you have had four male pigs living together?
It is not possible to keep more than two males together long term. Some have managed it but it is very unusual for it to work. As long as there are two males that are compatible then they are usually fine together (I have two males) but more than that and fights start and once there has been a fight it is highly unlikely that the boys will ever live together again.
As has been said above, your three boys that are together have a high chance of falling out also. You might be lucky and they be ok, but you need to prepare for them not.
Your options as I can see:
Get single pig neutered and get him a girlfriend. Or take him boar dating and find another male friend for him (one of his choosing so it makes the bonding more likely to be successful).
Your other three pigs - watch them closely and prepare to have to separate and do the same thing with the pig that has to be moved out.
I know that’s probably not what you want to hear, but sadly boys just don’t like being together in big groups.
I hope everything works out for them.