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long hair

  1. kerry3383

    guinea pig hair trapped in genitals

    i have a long haired male guinea pig and when we were doing his nails today and checking him over we noticed his hair was trapped in his genitals? we pulled it out slowly and he never made any noise so didn’t seem like it was painful and we’ve cut the hair that was stuck & the hair surrounding...
  2. elris

    best bedding for long haired piggies

    i have two guinea pigs — charlie and lola but charlie is long haired and our current bedding gets stuck in her fur. lola is no bother so any sort of bedding works for her but i want it to be a comfortable bedding for them. they’re currently on a layer of corn chippings and shavings.
  3. W

    4 pigs. 1 on his own.

    Unsure what to do with my guine pig Jeffy. We have 4 guinea pigs. 2x brothers. Some reason a pair of brothers now hate eachother and fight and argue when they are near. Making one brother to gain loads of cuts and bruises so we split them apart. This caused the group to be split into 3 pigs...
  4. UhreGuineas

    Long Hair Care!

    Hey everyone! I recently adopted a baby long hair guinea pig. I was wondering what hair care is needed when she is older! I am not a 100% sure what long hair breed she is but I believe she is a silkie(Sheltie) if that helps! I want my little girl to have the locks of a angel, so throw it all...
  5. B

    Piggie With Greasy And Sensitive Hair-help?

    Hi, My 2 year old male long haired guinea pig has become very sensitive to having his hair brushed. I barely touch his hair (not pulling or his skin) and he squeals like mad. He has been at the vets and he doesn’t have a skin infection (not flacky/spotty etc). His hair has become very greasy...
  6. natalieskeene

    Piggi With Long Hair

    My piggie has long hair especially around her butt and it has started to become matted. She loves to be stroked but hates being picked up and because of this I’m struggling to be able to cut it off! Does anyone have any tips for nervous pigs?!
  7. W

    Will She Be Okay?

    I was cuddling with my peruvian guinea pig Bubbles and a small bit of her fur got stuck on a part of my phone case (it is poor quality and the glue isn't strong anymore). She made a small pain noise and that small bit of fur came out. She's doing fine now. Nothing will happen right?
  8. J

    Grooming Long Hair - Tips And Tricks

    Hi! I recently adopted a sweet little lady piggy who has very long hair. She's only four months old (according to previous owner) but her bum hair was long enough to drag behind her like a little train! (I trimmed it so it doesn't drag). I'm wondering, for her comfort during gooming and also for...
  9. Stevenxxx

    Grease Gland Cleaning

    I need some advice on cleaning my Guinea pigs grease gland as there r two things that are making it extremely difficult, first one is he doesn't sit still what so ever and two is he has quite long hair so it's hard to see it. Please can I have some tips and advice on how to do it thnx.
  10. Einahpets16

    New Piggie I Really Need Help

    Hello this week I got a baby girl as a christmas present from my boyfriend. She's a peruvian guinea pig and she's just 3 months old her name is Agatha*. As you may know peruvians are a long hair breed and she has a gorgeous long white hair. But I notice she's kind of dirty on her belly and near...