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  1. jesse1234

    Sudden outbursts

    Hello all. So, we have 3 pigs, two females and 1 male. The females are Bow and Queen. Bow is 4 and has had a really eventful life. She had a bladder stone about a year ago, and the vet managed to manually remove it. Afterwards, she stopped using her back legs for quite some time and we never...
  2. Marshie

    Water bottle placement

    Hey, I plan to have two piggies as well as two water bottles just incase, although I am wondering on the placement of the bottles, Should both of the bottles always be placed closed together or would it be okay to separate the bottles far apart?
  3. W

    4 pigs. 1 on his own.

    Unsure what to do with my guine pig Jeffy. We have 4 guinea pigs. 2x brothers. Some reason a pair of brothers now hate eachother and fight and argue when they are near. Making one brother to gain loads of cuts and bruises so we split them apart. This caused the group to be split into 3 pigs...
  4. LunaRaze

    Fights And Sick Guinea Pig.

    Hi everybody, first ill let you know my guinea pigs. I have 2 female guinea pigs Coco who is about 2-2 1/2 years old and is the mother to Velvet, and Velvet who is 1- 1 1/2. So earlier today Velvet started chasing Coco around the cage and nipping her which i noticed as a dominance thing. But...
  5. caroline081

    Dominance Issues

    Helloo everyone! I just have a quick question. We have two guinea pigs around 5 months old sisters named lily and mocha. When we first got them mocha was the dominant one, they still got along well but you could see that she was more dominant than lily. However last week she got ill and we had...
  6. E

    Urgent Plea For Advice! Boars Fighting!

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me? I have two boars both around fifteen weeks, they've been together pretty much since birth and today they had a massive fight. There was lots of teeth chattering and then they linger at each other. I've separated them but I'm unsure of...
  7. CatChurch

    Familiar Sows Started To Fight

    Ive had Pippa for about a year and a half and Eva just under a year. Eva came into my care after Pippas original partner died suddenly. Eva is an Aby Guinea so as some of you may know a lot cheekier and likes to be the dominant one. They were bonded properly when I got her and it seemed like...
  8. WinnieandBear

    Moving Stress And Worries! Help

    Hello! I just moved into my parents yesterday to save up for mortgages etc. And of course the piggies have moved too. I expected them to be a little quiet for the first day or so but I am super worried! They have the same c&c cage and toys and bedding etc. But this evening I just saw Bear...