anal sacs

  1. Prasiddha

    Male guinea pig white substance in anal area

    Hi all, Please help. My guinea pig icy (8 months old) is recovered from his URI. When I was weighing him today I found a white smelly mucus like this in his anal area below his penis. What could it be? Can I clean if with q tip dipped in coconut oil or should I take him to the vet? Please help
  2. BenjiAndButtons

    Cleaning Anal Sack

    I know this is a gross topic, but here in the uk, what do yous use to clean your gentleman piggies I'm talking smelly willies and gunky , we try warm water and cotton buds but it never fully cleans up.
  3. MilliePigs

    Blood In Urine

    Hello everyone, I have read the forums here a lot but never made an account, until today. I have two pairs of boars, both very lovely, and today was bath day, much to their demise. Anyway, when I was bathing the second pair, Bumble was waiting in the empty bath patiently while I was cleaning...
  4. Mairi M

    Question About Anal Sac Cleaning

    I'm a new owner of two 16 month old adopted boars. I've never owned boars before. I've read a bit about impaction and the need to clean anal sacs. Is this something that should be done on a regular basis or is it best left alone and only done if I see they have a problem. I don't see problems...