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  1. Jennybug89

    The Look

    The "I'm still kinda mad at you over that bath yesterday but this kale does look very tempting" look haha
  2. ChloeCee98

    Sudden Change In Behaviour...

    I think my piggies feel neglected :bye: I lost my job at Christmas and I think the piggies got used to me being around a lot. Now I'm back working full time they don't get as much attention. I feel like they hate me :( I still give them cuddles and veggies and lots of loves every day. I sit with...
  3. Nicola McGregor

    Behaviour Change

    Hello Recently one of my eldest Guinea Pigs (3 Years) has had a change in behaviour. Her name is Honey and she is a very sociable Guinea Pig. When we first got her she had some very clingy behaviour to the eldest Guinea Pig (Izzy) she was housed with. She followed her and would cry without her...
  4. L

    Help Please , Angry Pig

    hi we have a one year old femal who's friend died so we got her a 4 month old friend back I'm November. They got on brilliantly until last week when we had a shock. Our New Guinea pig had babies! Only two and sadly only one actually made it. They are all in a indoor cage due to the weather and...