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  1. L

    Ear Infection

    Hello my boy got diagnosed with an inner ear infection he is currently on the antibiotic enrofloxacin every 24 hours… I'm in another guinea pig group and they said to give bene bac, I'm currently day 2 of 10 treatment plan is it too late to give now? should i give it to him? hes pooping, eating...
  2. VivienOblivion

    URGENT: Questions about diarrhoea

    Hi everyone! First of all, Merry Christmas 😊 On Wednesday last week, I noticed that my guinea pig Bebita (6 years old female) had been doing half-sneezes occasionally, accompanied by some weight loss and a little bit of blood found in one of her nostrils. I took her to the vet, and...
  3. appleeater

    Advice for further course of action (Reproductive tract bleeding)?

    So, the post is about my 4.5 year old guinea pig Bean. About 4-5 months ago we noticed spots of blood and some solids (clot?) coming out of her reproductive tract, when we visited the vet he did an x ray and basically said that there were some growths in her uterus but he couldn't see them very...
  4. Guineatte

    Struggling to help my guinea with her breathing issues

    My guinea pig Muschi has had always periods of noisy breathing but until now we have always managed to get it under control. In March she got x-ray and CT scan because I was so sure that it is caused by a heart disease. Her sister died last year of an enlarged heart. But the vet said everything...
  5. Cavy Kung-Fu

    Blood in urine.

    Hi guys! (Sorry I only seem to come on when I need help, it’s been really difficult with losing piggies and poorly piggies I’ve been finding it hard to come on.) After losing Iggy last year I thought my bladder troubles were behind me but boy was I wrong. My beautiful Andromeda has started...
  6. RheMae

    Guinea pig eating normally, drinking a bit more, but losing steadily?

    Hi guys! So I recently lost two piggies, my Judo and Guts. It's been hard going, but of course, Bert had a check up. I noticed he was drinking more water than normal. His poos are very dark, regular shaped, sometimes pinched off, and shiny. So overall, healthy, as far as I know. He was treated...
  7. toodledoodler

    When to stop giving probiotics?

    Hello! My 2 boars are (finally, it has been a bumpy ride) nearing the end of their antibiotic treatment - for how long after my piggies’ last antibiotics dose should I continue giving them probiotics? And how long after they stop taking antibiotics are they more susceptible to illness? They have...
  8. L

    URGENT! Liquid diarrhea and antibiotics

    Hello, this forum has helped me a lot with questions I had in the past about my boar's health so I made this account solely for this since I didn't finds anything specific so bear with me please. My 3 year old piggie Pepe started peeing with squeaking less than 2 months ago, short after I...
  9. C

    Mushy and smelly poop-not sure what to do

    Hi, this is my first post here but I’ve read through a lot of these threads and I need doom advice. I have a 1.5 year male old guinea pig who has been sick these last couple of weeks. It started with bloating and I was worried so I took him to the emergency room where he was given gabipentin...
  10. D

    antibiotic advice

    Hello, my guinea pig (about 4 years or so) has windpipe thickening, possibly inflammation (that's what the X-ray suggests to the vet). Originally, they said it could be bronchitis, although today they said she probably also has some extent of nasal congestion that's not super obvious externally...
  11. A

    Bloat for 7months

    Hello, My guinea pig had a bad ear infection and was given two lots of antibiotics (for a period of two months) last October 2020. He was taking alongside the antibiotics cisapride, emeprid and probiotics. The bloat became obvious in February 2021 and I have been giving 3 x daily tummy...
  12. B

    Question about corneal ulcers in GP.

    Hey all! So 8/6 my little one got a haypoke which caused a corneal ulcer in one of her eyes. I went to an emergency vet and he gave me Ciprofloxacin Ophthalmic Solution .3% to give her 2 drops in the eye every 8 hours. After 7 days, it went down a lot! I went back to the vet and they said to...
  13. E


    Hi everyone, my guinea pig has been prescribed the antibiotic Trim/Sulfa for her eye infection (she has a bacteria) and I was wondering if I had to also give her probiotics ?
  14. S

    Respiratory Infection not improving

    Hi all, I need advice. Monday i took my guinea pig to the vets as he had a little wheeze. By the time we got there the wheeze was gone and they listened to his lungs, heart, weighed him etc and he was in perfect health from what they could tell. Tuesday morning I went to check on him and he...
  15. Piglington Ali

    Azithromycin dose

    I have found posts stating Simon and others prescribe azithromycin 200mg/5ml at 1ml per kg once daily. My vet has prescribed 0.6ml once daily for my 1.16kg piggy Tiny Tiger for a respiratory infection. This is half the dosing above. I'm wondering, though, if this is acceptable and that this...
  16. R


    Hello! Someone dropped a guinea pig off at my work, so I decided to take him home. I would say he is about 6 months old. I have him quarantined away from my other pigs. He has been sneezing quite often since I brought him home. I have antibiotics from a few months ago, when one of my other pigs...
  17. frankiethepiggie

    Baytril leading to Stasis?

    Hello, I’m finally joining on the forum. I’m eighteen with one piggy, Frank. He had a cage mate named George who passed away a little over a year ago. Frank’s now turning five in June. I had some questions about an antibiotic I’ve used a few times for my other pig a few years ago. My current pig...
  18. M

    Clumpy poops

    Hello all! I am new to owning guinea pigs, I have had my piggies for about 2 weeks now. Both piggies are males around 4 months in age, their names are Milo and Mason :) Unfortunately, when I adopted my piggies they had a URI that the current owner was not willing to treat. So, I took them to a...
  19. Puddles1999

    Abnormal poops

    A little while ago, I’ve posted that one of my girls has weird poops. They had a slight point to them and lately I’ve noticed even weirder poops in their cage. I will include a picture. I seen that it could be dehydration but I’ve seen them both drinking. It seems like their water bottle has not...
  20. Puddles1999

    Guinea pig doesn’t like bene-bac :(

    So currently, my mocha is on an antibiotic for her uri. I’ve been trying to give her bene-bac in the powder form. I can’t find the gel anywhere. She HATES IT. I’ve mixed it with crushed up pellets and water and she’ll eat it for two minutes and then she’s done. I’ve tried spreading on a pepper...