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  1. AdamFrench

    Persistent blood in urine, no stones and no pain

    Hi, We’ve got two girls 3 and 4 year old - the 4 year old has been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis almost a year ago. She is on continuous pain/inflammatory meds (metacam and tramadol) alongside nutracyst. This seemed to do the trick as her weight is consistent and she’s just a bubbly and...
  2. G

    Help! Very Sick Guinea Girl

    Something is very wrong. My Ava girl is about 6 months old and has not had any problems until recently. I took her in to a small animals vet because she was coughing and then wheezing. They Took an x-ray but said that it was inconclusive. The doctors best guess was that she was suffering from...
  3. Salt and Pepper

    Syringe Feeding Tips, How To Increase An Appetite, Advice Please?

    Hi, my piggy had an operation to remove a bladder stone (about the size of a chickpea) last Tuesday, she has had a week course of baytrill and metacam which she has now finished.She is also in the middle of a course of ranitidine to get her gut moving again. She is not lethargic, sometimes her...
  4. P

    Lump Under The Chin

    Hi! Our piggy has a lump the size of a grap. It's located under the jaw, if you imagine sticking your finger through a mans adams apple, that's where the lump is. The vet took xrays of his jaw, because it's very large and not normal, but it was not causing him any pain. The vet did not mention...
  5. MadPiggies :D

    Front Teeth Missing ;(

    I was taking My piggie Optimus to the vet and gave the two boys some carrot before we left but I found Witwicky couldn't eat it and it would just fall from his mouth.Later after the vet looked at Optimus's foot she examined Witwicky teeth and found they had completely gone and there was a...
  6. E

    Antibiotics, Loss Of Appetite And Now Diarrhea!

    I took our beloved 7 year old pig Rosie to the vet a couple of weeks ago because she had slightly crusty eyes for a while and although she had no other symptoms, I was worried she might have a respiratory infection. Oh how I wish I never did! The vet didn't think she had an infection but put...
  7. Carla&Glitch

    Mysterious Case Of Bloat

    Recently two of my gorgeous piggies have died because of a mysterious bloating. I would appreciate any advice or experiences that might help save my last remaining piggie. This has been the most horrible month. I'll give you some background on how we keep our pigs and what has happened since...
  8. Mimi'smummy

    Mimi Has Been To The Vets Due To Problems When Breathing

    hi all! Last night I noticed that Mimi was making a funny noise every time she breathed almost sounded like she was grinding her teeth but it was her breathing. I kept an eye on her but didn't seem to be improving, so I thought she was probably cold as she sounded blocked up, so I put lots of...
  9. Squishymoth

    Reaction To Antibiotics?

    It's been 3 days since Chamomiles been taking antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. I gave them 2x a day and then about an hour later I'd give her a probiotic and have even given her some 'poop soup' as well. This morning I woke up and she was making weird sounds, something similar to a...
  10. Celine298

    Antibiotics & Piggies Appetite Loss

    Hey all! I brought my piggy to the vet yesterday with a skin ailment, fungal infection with possible mange mites. Although mites have been more or less ruled out (vet is getting a second opinion just to be safe) I've begun treating his fungal infection. I was prescribed Baytril (0.8mls twice...
  11. Beans&Toast

    Help With Syringe Feeding?

    My Toastie has been on antibiotics and probiotics since Friday and she's got another few days left but it's just so difficult and it's stressing us both out. Toast's previous owner did not look after her properly and she was shown no love or attention. When I first got her almost a year ago...
  12. TheCutePiggies

    Toffee's Noises. What Do I Do?

    Hi! I own two male guinea pigs they have been together since birth and one of them started to make a plastic bag rattling sound the other week. We took him to the vets and he gave us some antibiotics. We gave him that but then a few days later he started to make the sound again, this time on...
  13. sarahpiggies

    Mystery Ear Infection, Please Read!

    Hello everyone My guinea pig Twiglet (female, 7 months) has a suspected ear infection, now going on for 3 weeks and I thought I would share our experiences and see if anyone can offer any advice. It is strange because the ear is only sensitive when touched, she does not scratch it and is not...