baby boys

  1. Briggy

    Hello and advice please on new baby with the runs :-(

    Hi I wish my first thread on here was more cheery but could do with some advice please. We got new babies on Tuesday afternoon (approx 9 weeks), one is a lot more confident & seems to have taken to life with us quicker. So much so he’s been gobbling up food and to be honest I think I’ve...
  2. C

    Do you think ripple could get through the squares?

    Since they don't know how to use the ramp (I'm waiting on my pay check for this month and I'll buy a proper one with sides) I have moved the pen away from the case and I am placing them in it for a run around during the day. Ripple keeps sticking his head through the squares in the sides and I...
  3. B

    Constant jumping/skipping?

    Hello everyone! I just got 2 guinea pigs, around 3 months of age. They were put together a week ago since they’re not related, but they are getting along great. However, these are my first piggies, and a few things worry me. First off, is it normal that they’re constantly jumping and skipping...