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baby guinea pigs

  1. Grand Guinea Pigs

    Welcoming Heimdall and Freyr!

    Here I am to finally announce Heimdall and Freyr's arrival! Freyr below 🥰 Two outside are Freyr and Heimdall at one week. Heimdall 😍 A lot more photos to come!
  2. A

    Baby guinea pigs eaten bulb leaves

    Hello, my two baby guinea pigs have eaten about a 1.5cm squared piece of bulb leaf. They are this together, so it would be less for each one. Please help, will they be okay?
  3. babyandtheo

    Lap Time With Food?

    So to encourage my baby guinea pigs (6/7 weeks) to feel comfortable during lap time, I've been feeding them veggies throughout the whole time until I put them back. Now I realize this might not have been the best thing because if I put them on my lap, they immediately expect veggies and they'll...
  4. Elgifu321

    Heygates Rabbits Choice Pellets?

    Caspar (my baby teddy boar) and Ronan (my baby texel boar: tonights addition, a lone runt that nobody, including the breeder wanted so I couldn't help myself) were both fed heygates rabbits choice pellets as well as refugees (which I feed a bit of alongside Timothy hay) before I got them so I...
  5. Stewybus

    Holly & Her Babies Having Breakfast

    Here's a short video of Holly & her 6 3-day-old babies having breakfast this morning :) x
  6. Keiko The Pig

    Piggy Family!

    The top picture is of Milo's family! Mom (Pebbles) and his two sisters, ; Sara (the one climbing on little Milo), and Cindy, light brown, dark brown and white bottomed piggy. I just thought this was so cute I had to share it. Pebbles has now been adopted out with friend Wilma (hehe love those...
  7. AdamFrench

    Two Female Sows Together For A Week

    We have just bought two female sows a week ago and they've been together since. We are inexperienced guinea owners but have read up on a lot before and since purchasing them. However, there is a lot of contradictory information around and its always something else to see behaviour rather than...
  8. Squidgypigs

    Miley's Baby

    I know we don't get a lot of babies around here so thought you may like to see our Miley's beautiful daughter born at 11am. Sadly she had a (very large) gorgeous, smooth agouti brother that tragically didn't survive his delivery, but we know he tried and he will always be remembered by his...
  9. Louspiggs

    Does My Piggie Hate Me?

    i have 2 baby boars that i got about 3 weeks ago. the more dominant boar lets me stroke him while hes eating, on my lap, out for floor time etc and he is very easy to get a hold of and pick up. to get to this point ive tried every piggie taming tip out there and it's definitely paid off for him...
  10. ChewyTheGuinea

    Why Does My Guinea Pig Stay Still And Make No Noise

    He has no other buddies
  11. Lottie_Guinea

    New Guinea Pigs, Need Advice Please

    Hello everyone, I brought two baby guinea pigs today that are 8 weeks old, they're called Alice and Dinah (I really hope some people get that reference!) (Dinah is said like Diner) (My avatar is a picture of them!) I would like to know what veggies and fruit they should/shouldn't be fed? I had...