1. H

    Paper bedding types

    I made the decision when bringing my boys home to keep them on paper bedding as I had an issue with woodshavings in the past and I don't personally like the feel of the pellets. They are currently on carefresh because I knew it was safe, however I'm looking for a more cost effective paper...
  2. Jasmined

    Recommendations on cosy beds

    Does any one have any recommendations (links if possible) for some cosier beds? Recently moved to fleece bedding and they’re loving it, would love to put some more snuggly items in. I’ve seen pictures of guineas sleeping in sort of cat bed looking things, I’ve had a little search but nothing’s...
  3. Hannahb2804

    What to put in a litter tray?

    Hi just wondering what’s best to put in a litter tray? I was thinking meadow hay & newspaper but I want whatever is safest for them and what will keep them healthy and comfortable so should I use propper litter? Any suggestions would be fab!
  4. Chip Lillis

    Safe litter for Guinea pigs?

    Hey everyone! With the quarantine and everything going on, I’m not able to head out to get the litter I normally do for my food area. I found this unscented paper litter for cats on amazon and I was wondering if it’s safe for piggies? There were people safely using it for rabbits in the reviews...
  5. Flinty

    Can I use this for litter?

    Hello all, I hope you're staying safe and sane in these strange times. I ordered some hay recently and received the wrong order, which means I've just found myself with two large bags of wood based cat litter, and before I pass them on was wondering if it would be ok in the piggy's litter...
  6. K

    Will my guinea pig be comfortable sleeping on hay?

    Hi! Sorry if this is a silly question but if i stuff the pig igloo with hay, will it be uncomfortable for my pig? I use linen and sawdust bedding and I’ve always stuffed the igloo with hay but it seems really scratchy to me? Will he be uncomfortable sleeping with hay in the igloo, should I just...
  7. C

    towels under fleece?

    so i was thinking of using towels under the fleece as they seem like they do a good job. however i’m concerned that they will smell easily, considering there isn’t much airflow between the layers? and i also feel like towels would take a while to dry. should i put towels, then puppy pads, then...
  8. O

    fleece bedding?

    i was just wondering which bedding you all use and what you think of fleece? i've got pine wood shavings and back2nature bedding at the moment, i've found that wood shavings get pretty messy while back2nature is great however it is expensive. i have a pair of baby piggies and a 2x5 c&c cage and...
  9. C

    bedding help!

    so i’ve probably trialed about 5 different kinds of bedding, and am currently using (safe!) woodshavings. i really loved using fleece however the only issue was the smell. i am in the process of upgrading my cage from relatively small, to big. i’m wondering if the reason the fleece was smelling...
  10. elris

    best bedding for long haired piggies

    i have two guinea pigs — charlie and lola but charlie is long haired and our current bedding gets stuck in her fur. lola is no bother so any sort of bedding works for her but i want it to be a comfortable bedding for them. they’re currently on a layer of corn chippings and shavings.
  11. carefullycloverpigs

    How much fleece?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum! You can call me Clover :) I've had my two guinea pigs (Missy and Luna) for about 8 months now, but they are nearly four years old. Since I got them, I've been using aspen wood shavings in their cage, but I want to change over to fleece. I've weighed the pros...
  12. H

    Best non-sawdust, easy to clean and maintain beddings?

    So I’ll start this off by saying that we’ve had sawdust bedding for most of the time we’ve had our two guineas (by we I mean me and my 15 yo daughter who would be mainly in charge of their care.) Recently Cody-one of the two pigs- had a bit of a respiratory problem, and the vet suggested we...
  13. G

    What Bedding?

    Hi! I have two boars (Patches and Carmal). I might be getting a new cage this week. My current cage has fleece as bedding. The new cage will be two levels and I’m not sure if fleece would be possible. I’ve used paper bedding before, but it was kind of expensive. I was wondering if anyone has any...
  14. Guineaconvert

    Incontinence pads

    Hiya! Looking for absorbent layer for under fleece - the 100x140 version of these would fit my cage perfectly. Would they work well? I'm guessing I would just need fleece on the upside because their bottom is already water resistant? 7 Sizes Washable Reusable Bed Pad Incontinence Bed Wetting...
  15. H

    Cage advice for a total newbie!

    Hi all! We’re looking to get 2 guinea pigs in a couple of weeks (is 2 an ok number or should we get 3?). They’ll live outside while it’s warm and we’ll bring them in during the winter. I’ve read SO many different views online that I’m even more confused than before I researched! Could you...
  16. Guineapigfeet

    How often do you get hay pokes?

    I’ve just been to the vets with BB for a hay ‘poke’ - it was actually a bit of super soft hay lying under her bottom eyelid, so not really a ‘poke’ at all! which is the third time I’ve been for this sort of thing with my trio. The vet said I may want to re-think their bedding as I’ve had a lot...
  17. P

    Anti-pill plush fleece as bedding?

    I’m looking to start making my own fleece liners, but there are more options if I use anti-pill plush fleece. Is this okay to use? What’s the different between it and just regular anti-pill?
  18. B


    Hi, I’m torn between using straw or wood shavings from Pets at Home? I was just wondering what all of you use in your bed and if anyone knows what type of wood shavings Pets at Home sell as we can only really use Aspen. :)
  19. N

    fleece bedding

    hi i'm new to this so i don't know if i'm doing this right, but i'm thinking about changing my guinea pigs bedding from wood shavings to fleece because wood shavings are too messy and they get stuck in one of my guinea pigs fur. anyway i was just wondering if anyone knows where to get good...
  20. G

    Artificial grass for bedding

    I'm struggling to keep up with all the laundry from using fleece bedding for our 3 male pigs. They toilet everywhere not just where their hay is, they also spray and the fleeces become very smelly within a day and damp too. Their hay also sticks to the fleece and makes a mess everywhere. I've...