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  1. AlvieOB

    New To Guinea Pig Care! Fleece Vs Bedding

    Hi all! I'm a soon to be guinea Pig owner, I'm so excited! I've done loads and loads of research. The rescue centre I'm going to adopt from build C&C cages, so I will have a C&C cage probably around 4x2 ft or 5x2 with a loft. The one thing I'm unsure on is wether I should line it with bedding or...
  2. K

    Do It Yourself Cage Liners

    setting my boys up in c&c cages. I’m looking at making my own cage liners (probably 2x4) I’ve been looking, and I can’t seem to figure out what exactly people are putting in the middle for the absorbent layer? I’m guessing the top and bottom are fleece? Where is the cheapest place to get...
  3. M

    Shy Piggie

    Hi, I’m pretty new to owning a piggie. I got my piggie (Ethan) 2 months ago and he is still shy. I have him alone since I don’t think my cage is big enough for two (100cm x70cm). My main problem is that he keeps hiding under his fleece bedding, even though he has a tunnel, “sleeping sac” and...
  4. digitalbricklayer

    Waste Bedding Disposal

    We've recently gotten a couple of extra guineas (Bodie and Doyle) and the amount of sawdust and waste hay has gone up a lot. To the point that the waste bin is getting rather full when the fortnightly bin collection happens. What are the best ways of disposing of the waste bedding material? I...
  5. Cherri

    Cheaper To Buy Food/bedding Online?

    This might not be the right forum to ask, but what's your opinion on buying food and bedding in bulk and online? If it's a good idea, websites to visit?
  6. Siikibam

    Loving Aubiose So Far But...

    So I went with aubiose (and softchip) and I’m really liking it so far, even the smell though you only catch it when you smell it. BUT...I ended up with a runny nose and dry throat after setting the boys up on it. I’m hoping it won’t affect me once it’s done, but I’ll have to think about getting...
  7. A

    Fleece Bedding

    Hello all! Does anyone know a good place to get fleece (can be a shop or online). I have looked around online and there seems to be limited choices. I am in the UK if that helps or changes anything. Thanks in advance!
  8. HeatherW


    I made my piggies a new toy yesterday and Jasmine seems to have taken to it already! I can't tell if she has her eyes closed, but it's pretty close. :D Thanks to Wiebke for the pinned link to Spikes kleine Welt. :)
  9. TBSam

    Should I Build This?

    I was thinking of building a cage just like this Living World Green Eco Habitat | Free P&P on orders £29+ at zooplus! But bigger, ( 2 x 4.5 ) with a roof thats attached with a hinge instead of lifting it up. I have two guinea pigs (male) but I dont have much room in my room lol. I just have a...
  10. Jesse's pigs

    Carefresh? Auboise?

    Hi guys I'm looking for an alternative to fleece bedding. I do love the fleece and will keep them on it from time to time but the number of fleeces I go through in a month is high and the washing can be a painful task lol- especially when the washing machine isn't really yours and your mum...
  11. N

    How Can I Help Prevent Mess And Smell?

    I've had my two boys for three months now. When I first bought them I had woodchips in the cage and I've been cleaning them out twice a week. I don't mind cleaning them out twice a week but I hate that the woodchips get everywhere! They're indoor piggies and they're kept in my room so I am...
  12. Powelly78

    Finally Some Pics Of Our New Girls.

    Hi guys, I haven’t wanted to take any pics yet as have been leaving the girls to settle in. Here are Fluff (on the right) and Stripe (left). Fourteen week old Swiss breed Sisters :love::love: We are so in love! I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone on the forum as I most...
  13. PerpLexxity

    Proper Fleece?

    Hey everybody, So i'm looking for some good quality fleece for pigs but everything ranges to about $50. That's a little out of my price range and was wondering if anybody knew some good fleece cage liners for pigs with a lower price? Currently I use reusable bed wetting pads (which have been...
  14. Lexipiggie

    Fleece Bedding- Help

    We are thinking of switching to fleece bedding as for us it will be easier to clean and we have enough time to wash it every four days or so etc However, I have no clue where to buy it (my mum and I are terrible at sewing so that's not really an option). Can you guys help me with where to get...
  15. Leah<3

    How Do I Set Up Fleace Bedding For My Piggies?

    hello, I’ve had my girls for nearly 3 weeks now and was using wood shavings for their cage but i want to start using fleece instead. Is that easier to keep clean? I’m home every day as I am unwell and signed off work so I’ll be able to clear the poop a few times a day. Iv heard there are...
  16. Siikibam

    More Bedding

    These boys and their demands for more bedding! :soz: Well more like I want to spoil them with more bedding. I’ve made cuddle cups for the boys - just have to stitch the openings closed. I’ve also made their cousin, Mae, a snuggle sack. Plan is to make her a cuddle cup as well and likely a...
  17. Piggy996

    Are Pine Products Dangerous?

    Hello, someone told me that Pine products can be dangerous for piggies because of the smell, is that true? I wanted to buy a small house for my piggy, but those that I found are made of pine tree. Also, I found something that looks like sand for cats' litter boxes, but this one was made for...
  18. Jennybug89

    Fleece In A Shop Cage

    For those of you who use fleece in a shop bought cage do you find your piggies burrow under the edges of it as there's nothing to hold them down? I'm debating changing to them
  19. Yorisou

    Need Bedding Alternatives, Please Help!

    Hey all, so i'm in a little bit of a pickle with what to use as bedding. I was using sawdust, but i have an allergy to it, and also the hay they eat. I switched to orchard hay and it seems to have helped although its a lot more expensive! But i'm still rather allergic to the dust with sawdust...
  20. V

    Washing Fleece Liners

    So I know that this question has been asked a lot before but still need to ask it again. On what temperature can I wash the fleece? I live in The Netherlands so we use Celsius temperature. Hope that someone can help me out!