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  1. klovesguins

    Cage lining material

    Hello! I normally purchase unread newspapers from Finacard but it looks like they have closed down. Can anyone suggest a safe lining alternative please? (In the UK) Just a bit more info, I use newspaper, then woodshaving and paper bedding on top with hay to finish! This is changed daily...
  2. Zephyrforever

    Guineadad liners never wash

    Guinea dad liner trouble here, need advice on other bedding options. My guinea dad liners still smell like pee after washing, even twice in a row with double detergent. And they also never dry fully, and leave my washer full of hay even after I shake them very well. I really need help here guys...
  3. klovesguins

    Absorbent bedding options

    I'm looking at options for the hay/litter trays. Currently they are lined with newspaper, then woodshavings then hay. However, with my guinea pigs being elderly, and noticing a couple of them getting a little bit red back feet (I know this doesn't belong in this section, however if anyone can...
  4. thedosboys

    Fleece bedding & alternatives?

    So I use fleece bedding and I want to keep my pigs clean and healthy. Manny has a small case of bumble foot (it's being treated) and I wonder if it increased when I brought him home. On the bottom I put a heavy duty shower curtain, a toddler mattress protective sheet(wicked)(it also is...
  5. P

    Paper bedding

    Those who use paper based bedding what brand do you recommend please that isn't really expensive? I currently use teabag bedding but the brand I use has micro plastics in and Nancy keeps eating it so I'm thinking of trying something else.
  6. PuiPuisDuvidad

    Help - what bedding should I use

    Hello, I own two young male Guinea Pigs and I’m currently having a bedding problem. I’ve tried a lot of things but most of the time their bedding just get filthy extremely fast. First I tried egg crate supports combined with diapers, but it hurt their feet so I’ve taken off after some time. On...
  7. B

    Bedding Choices

    Hi we recently just changed our boys to x3 Layer Fleece liner, and we spot clean every day, and change and wash the fleece every 4 days. But we was wondering if there is a way or a bedding that we could add to the fleece that would reduce the smell as we have just changed the bed recently...
  8. C

    Bedding Problem

    Hello! I need some advice. Bedding is expensive, really expensive. And so is fleece when you have to wash it frequently. However, I know bedding is a necessity, so I'm trying to find good alternatives or brands that I can use. I use kaytee bedding, big bags of it, but the problem is that I go...
  9. The_Cavies

    Replacing bedding

    Hello, so my piggies have C&C cages and they have a separate kitchen which is where I keep their hay and pellet bowls. I normally put i scented pee pads and then put the carefresh bedding over it but sometimes it’s a lot to clean and also buying bedding every week. Is there any suggestions what...
  10. Peanut&Hazel

    Best Bedding & Winter Set-up

    Hello! I would like some advice/tips and your experiences. It's winter, so we switched our guinea pig's bedding from fleece to paper since we can't wash the bedding outside anymore. What is the best type of paper bedding(I currently use Kaytee clean and cozy bedding)? Also, what are some...
  11. L

    Set up for 3 boars

    does this set up look suitable, in the biggest pen I have a bonded pair of boars, and in the smaller 2 pens I have a roughly 1 year old boar and then a roughly 5 year old boar. The two that are on their own I was hoping to bond however they haven’t taken to each other hence why they’re separate...
  12. R

    litter box size and bedding

    still don't have any piggies but i was wondering would it be a good idea to get 2 litter boxes on different sides of the cage for two boars so that if they don't want to share? and what size box would be good for that or would it be better to get just one big litter box? and i see a lot of...
  13. moodysuzy

    How much Fitch bedding will we need?

    Hiya, I’m going away for a week soon and I’ve got a friend house/pig-sitting. The pigs are usually on fleece but I’m planning on getting some Fitch bedding to use while we are away. I’m just wondering by how much people tend to use for their cage? I’m unsure whether to order one or two 10kg...
  14. NatalieGee

    New to fleece - it's smelly?

    Hi all. My boar has just had surgery to remove a mammary tumor, and our vet told us to set up a smaller cage for him while he recovers, so he is in a 2x3 C&C instead of his 2x6. We've just switched to fleece bedding, and I'm finding it very smelly - is that normal? I bought fleece cage liners...
  15. 2 OinkingPigs

    Noodle mats

    Hi everyone, I have a question for those of you who use the noodle mats. The backing to mine are coming apart. I wash on gentle and hang dry. I like using them but the backing is coming off in the washer. How do you wash them? Thanks!
  16. bellaandclover


    hello! can u use towels for bedding for an outside hutch? we would probabaly put some bedding over it and some hay but would it be good for them?
  17. K

    Smelly piggies

    Hello everybody, My friend has 2 male guinea pigs in a cage that is 2 x 7. She using homemade fleece bedding that I made. Recently she has noticed that her room always smells and a liner and a few pee pads smell of farm. Even after she washes them with vinegar. Their poop also stinks terribly...
  18. P

    Best fleece liners for cages?

    Where does everyone buy their fleece bedding from? Is it ok to buy it from a supermarket (planning on putting puppy pads underneath or some type of waterproof material) any recommendations?
  19. GuineaNovice

    How to prevent bedding all over the floor...

    Hello! First time poster here. I adopted my two gorgeous boars a week ago and they are settling in well! I have a 5×2 Kavee C&C cage for them which they adore. I use Aubiose bedding which me and the Guineas really like. However, when they do their zoomies and popcorning (which I love, and obvs...
  20. StevieWanda

    Piggy sneezing for 24 hours

    Hey everyone! I noticed yesterday that my 14w old piggy Stevie has been sneezing. Sometimes it’s every 20-30 mins, then not sneezing for a couple hours. She’s in a cage with her sister who isn’t sneezing. theyre both eating very well, playing around and being sociable. i checked her eyes and...