1. Q

    My guinea pigs doesn’t like me?

    Hi. I don’t know why, but my guinea pigs wants to be with my friend but not with me. She hasn’t been with them more than me so idk why they’re doing this. Example we are at floor with them, they just go to her and climb all over her body. They never come to me, and sometimes if I holding them...
  2. A

    Guinea pig in heat (please answer asap)

    Hello, I have one neutered male and one female together. They have recently been bonded together and I have never had a male and a female together. My female, I believe is in heat, she keeps getting chased round, humped, vagina licked, butt sniffed constantly. She is not receptive to this at...
  3. Sumi

    No matter what i do my piggie isnt happy.

    Hello everyone This is my 2nd time writing on here because I usually tend to ask the vet about everything concerning my piggies. However, I am starting to become desperate. I have had my piggies for 3 years now and all this time he was in a cage alone because he didn't get along with my other...