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  1. retro

    New Piggie Pal! Questions and Behavior!

    Requesting some info here, please! Hi! New Piggie Pal here. This is very important to me so please read... I just got two male guinea pigs that have lived together pretty much their whole life. There was a previous owner and that's who I got them from. They are 2 years old, I am told. They seem...
  2. B

    Dominance or fighting?

    Hello! I am a new piggy owner! I currently have three male skinny pigs! Pig who is almost 4 months is in his own separate cage and Scotch and Char(Charcoal) are in their own catch and are 2-3 months old) Pig is in a large Living World Cage and Scotch and Char are in an XL Living World Cage. I...
  3. G

    Does my Guinea pig have mites?

    I have three guinea pigs who are starting to fight a lot. Piglet always gets bullied by the other two. Piglet hides from them because they always go after him. One day I noticed some marks on the guinea pigs back. I look closer only to find out that he had lots of scabby type things. Has he just...
  4. P

    Two male guinea pigs fighting, bonding, or establishing dominance?

    My two piggies, Pitch and Riddick, often fight or tussle. They chatter at each other (I have yet to determine what the sound is and what it means. It feels like a growl but it sounds like a purr) and Riddick will kick his hind legs at Pitch. They muss up their cage by scurrying around the...
  5. PerpLexxity

    Boars Fighting? To Dominant?

    Hi everybody, so a few months ago I got a guinea pig for my birthday (its literally the one thing I wanted haha). I named this little baby Henry. My mom picked him out at a pet store and the lady who sold him to my mom told her he was about 5-6 months. I did some more inspection as we bonded and...