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  1. blacklegkat

    One of our boars passed away - what should we do next?

    On the 1st of February, one of my beloved boars unfortunately passed away due to a problem with his digestive system. Me and my father are very sad about this, as you could probably guess, but we feel even worse because now we have a lonely boar. We love him with all our hearts and want the best...
  2. Julie M

    Not Wheeking Any More

    since we lost Fudge on the 9th April I've not heard Buddy or Peanut wheeking. They all used to wheek every single day when it was veggie time. Fresh hay time or even if I came home from work and shouted "hello piggies" up the stairs to them all. I thought it would just take time for them to...
  3. ginniexcarolina

    Piggie Left Alone :(

    Hi all I'm in need of some advice.. Last night our Ginnie died through the night she had been sick for a while back and forth to the vets with nothing helping her she just got worse and we nursed her until she finally passed away at around midnight I'm so heart broken over it and still very...
  4. fueloficarus

    Bereaved Question

    Hello all. New here. Yes, I read the above threads, but as you all know when this happens you still have to ask. So, we lost a pig yesterday. Truffles. He died very quickly, as did his brother (actual brother, from the same litter, who passed away about 4 months ago). They were bought from a...
  5. Carrotyd

    How To Tell A Child That A Beloved Guinea Pig Has Died?

    Hello all. Lloyd, the piggy on the left in my profile picture, passed away overnight after a very brief and rapid illness, leaving behind his best buddy and cage-mate, Harry. While the pair of them belong to me, I have many nieces and nephews who are also very much invested in the boys' care...
  6. C

    Getting My Guinea Pig A New Friend

    Four years ago I bought 2 beautiful baby guinea pigs (both female) and they have grown up together. Unfortunately, last night one of them passed away and so my remaining piggy is now alone. I am wondering whether to get her a new friend? She seems ok at the moment - she is still eating but seems...
  7. Elgifu321

    Need A New Cage Mate For My Bereaved Piggie

    my piggie Rupert has been on his own almost a week now and his behaviour has changed- he's hiding more and not moving around etc. I've been giving him extra cuddles but I know it doesn't make up for piggie company. I was looking for rescues near me and found cavy haven and made an appointment...