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    I need help with my guinea pigs and bonding

    Last night one of my guinea pigs bit the other. The one that was bitten was 5 months and he was bitten by a guinea pig who was 2 years 10 months. They are both boars. They are normally not aggressive with each other and the teenage one is actually the dominant one. He was bitten in the back near...
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    I am trying to get her to a vet right now but I want to see if I can get suggestions sooner through here. I just found this wound yesterday, I feel so bad that I just noticed it. It looks like it's filled with pus, it has a this scabbing and missing hair around the wound. I don't know if a cage...
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    Guinea pig attack

    Hello one of my guinea pigs attacked the other on her ear and she's bleeding quite a bit what can I do to help her? Should I give her a lukewarm bath to rinse the blood off her fur? Please respond quickly!