biting owner

  1. S

    My Piggie Problem

    Hello! I have a nine month old guinea pig. I rescued him at 3 months old. He's not neutered and generally is the first male gp I ever owned. I'm sort of at wits end with my piggy. I'm so used to having a gp that is chill and doesn't mind being held or isn't terrified of just general time out of...
  2. W

    Male Guinea Pigs Fighting

    I would really appreciate some advice regarding one of my male guinea pigs. I am a new guinea pig owner and I've been having issues with one of my male guinea pigs from day one. Just to get this out of the way, let me explain what their cage is like: the cage is 2.5 feet wide and 5 feet long...
  3. L


    so my big pig precious, who ive posted about before has started to bite and even draw blood. I will go to pet her and she'll let me pet her but if i move too fast she snaps around and nips me in the hand. recently i was holding her and my mother had my other pig sweet pea and was moving towards...
  4. Milpal13

    Help I think my guinea pig is bullying her cage mate?!

    Hey everyone! I’m looking for some advice :) I’ve got 2 baby girl guinea pigs, 6 months old. One of them, Phinny, is extremely confident whereas Peanut is still very shy around humans. They’ve been getting on well, a few scraps here and there but not properly fighting. This last week however...
  5. Lachesism

    New pig likes to bite?

    I just got a new guinea pig about three days ago. She's not quite used to me yet but she sometimes lets me pet her and will eat from my hand. She used to hide when I approached the cage but now she's less afraid. I was excited to think I'm making progress with her but suddenly she starts...
  6. imnot_ordinary

    My usually calm guinea pig is biting, headbutting and teeth chattering at me? Help

    7 days ago I got my first pair of guinea pigs! They're two boys and are about 7 weeks old now, though I'm fairly sure that one is older than the other since he's a little fatter and longer. Everything was fine for the first 5 days. We started with cuddling for 5 minutes and gradually got...