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bladder sludge

  1. yvette langford

    Sperm rod

    I took my 5 month old boar to the vet on Tuesday as he was squealing and straining to pee. They felt around to see if they could feel a stone. Nothing, so we were sent home with painkillers and antibiotics. He seemed to be alright on Wednesday, not 100% but better than he was. Come Thursday...
  2. Salt and Pepper

    Bladder Sludge ?

    Hi, to update you after my previous post I visited an exotics specialist today who showed us the X-ray our local vet had taken (they told us it was clear) and pointed out an area of possible sludge in the bladder. She explained that we could have another x-Ray under anesthetic to confirm if...
  3. Parnassus

    Clearing Bladder Sludge Effectively

    Hi friends! I'm feeling heartsick tonight. My sweet Whistler has been diagnosed with bladder sludge. It's my first guinea pig with sludge! So, I'm convinced she's just more naturally gifted in developing it than others. ;D I could use some advice, even if it's just to keep doing what I'm...
  4. kitelk

    Inflamed Bladder + Glucosamine.

    Hello all, I have a 3 year old guinea pig "Lola" with an inflamed bladder. I have seen a few people on here using vegan glucosamine to help the lining of the bladder and so I purchased this one Glucosamine 1500 - Caruso's Natural Health | Health care products | Health food store | Herbal...
  5. Beans&Toast

    Vetcare Plus Multi Modal Food

    I've been looking at getting new nuggets for Toast as she has a lot of health issues most of the time. Recurring cystitis, unstable weight, bladder issues, bloat.. I've found this; VetCarPlus Multi-Modal Guinea Pig Food | Edibles | The Hay Experts It says it's good for all of the issues I...
  6. Beans&Toast

    Water Filters

    I'm looking at getting a water filter for the pigs as Toast has recurring bladder problems, cystitis, UTI, bladder crystals etc.. I noticed some are over £100, some at £20 and some are cheap, around £5.99... I've also read that some filters do different things and filter out more/less...
  7. Molly Isabella

    Urgent: Advice On Sick Piggy With Bladder Sludge. (euthanasia?)

    (I'm from the United Kingdom) Hi guys. My piggie Oreo is just about 3 years of age. She's always had some health issues and has just been genuinely unlucky. A few months ago she had an operation for an abscess on the side of her stomach. That went successfully and she recovered. For the last...