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bladder sludge

  1. Teema

    Critical Care, confused?

    Hi everybody, sorry me again regarding Pipsqueak and the bladder sludge saga! We have ran out of critical care and the last bag we had was out of date so had to be chucked! Until Amazon can get us a delivery, we asked the vet if there was anything they can give us. They have given us CCF...
  2. P

    Bladder sludge

    Any recommendations for helping a piggie pass bladder sludge please? Had some squeaking in pain when weeing and a small amount of blood from Pumpkin. I know she has sludge due to an x-ray. It may have been caused by a mass in her uterus not letting her pass urine properly. The mass has now been...
  3. C

    Guinea pig bladder stone surgery

    Hello! I have a 3 1/2 year old guinea pig who went to the vet this last Thursday from blood in his urine. He’s dealt with bladder sludge for almost a year and now he’s formed a stone. He heading into surgery on Monday and I am terrified. I want him to be okay and trying to prepare myself. He’s...
  4. K

    How to prevent another bladder stone

    my 4 year old female guinea pig has had a problem with sludge in her urine for about four months now. the vet injected her with fluids for five consecutive days and that got the sludge completely out. since that time, I have only been giving her bottled water, have switched to a low calcium...
  5. D

    Ongoing bladder stone/sludge issues in senior pigs

    Hi all, My girls are 6.5yrs old and have both had issues with bladder stones/sludge. Most recently Winnie had a large stone (about the size of a 5p!) removed via surgery at the end of July. They did x-rays at the time and didn't find any more, but the sludge problem is recurring in both of...
  6. S

    Bladder sludge and stone

    Hi, Found blood in the guinea enclosure. Have taken her to the vet (already on baytril and metacam for uti, this happens every few months). They’ve have done an ultrasound and said she has bladder sludge and a stone, quoted £1300-1400 for the operation to remove it. Is this the general cost? She...
  7. S

    How to decide whether to keep going or if it’s time? Issues after bladder flush.

    My guinea pig was sometimes crying when urinating but overall seemed in good health, eating and drinking well. On examination, he had a build up of gunk inside his penis shaft and they cleaned him up and suggested we have him sedated and scanned to check his bladder. On sedation, they found he...
  8. L

    UTI, urine still bloody on antibiotics

    Hello all, I’m looking for help and other ideas for my 1.5-2yo (estimated) boar, Pollen. He underwent light sedation (isofluorane) at the vet on Friday 3/17 for an X-ray to rule out dental issues after about a month of one intermittently runny nostril. The X-ray was normal, but it took him the...
  9. H

    Wheat grass calcium

    Hello, I noticed on the internet that wheat grass can be fed to guinea pigs instead of grass during the winter. But how about the calcium in this food, I tried to look but I didn't find how it is. I ask because I have a guinea pig that has bladder sludge problems, and she loves wheat grass
  10. Crislynf

    2.5 year old male post op bladder surgery problems

    Hi everyone, My boy Sonic underwent bladder surgery on Wednesday, July 6, to remove a stone shown in the XRAY. However, when they opened up his bladder, they only found a lot of sludge and were able to clean some, but some of the sludge went to his prostate. Thankfully, he made it through...
  11. H

    Gastrointestinal hypomotility and stasis !?

    Hi, I have 2 guinea pigs, Lima and Leyla. Leyla is always healthy as a fiddle, she is a very crazy guinea pig, often she can't stand in one place for a minute. But Lima, she's such a snuggly, lazy, greedy guinea pig. That wouldn't be a problem, but she's always sick, she recently overcame a...
  12. H

    food oddities

    Hello I'm from Slovakia. I have 2 guinea pigs, Lima (3 years) and Leya (2 years). And currently Lima is sick again, this time it is bladder crystals. That's why I decided to revise their diet. I found out that until now I was feeding my piggies wrong, because the diet was based on the knowledge...
  13. S

    Bloat and “Bladder Sludge”?

    My little guy Georgie who is in between a year and a half and 2 years old is soooo not feeling well. I woke in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and I always speak to him when I pass his cage and he speaks back. Every time. This time he didn’t and I noticed he didn’t seem to want to...
  14. J

    Low calcium diet advice

    Hello, Recently had my piggy operated on for a mammary tumour and they also found sludge in her bladder so vet has recommended to only feed lettuce and hay from now on. I know that guinea pigs need vitamin c and this just seems so restrictive and there seems to be some veg e.g. red bell pepper...
  15. K

    Guinea pig urine sludge, squeaking, and bloody spots months after getting bladder stone removal surgery

    My almost 4 year old male guinea pig Lemmy had a bladder stone removal surgery at the end of August 2021, and he was very happy and healthy after the surgery until very recently. I started to notice a random squeak here and there, and then noticed some urine sludge on his bedding. I've been...
  16. Pig & Pymble

    Bladder/bowel issues and calcium questions

    This is my first post and is quite long as everything has been a bit of a saga recently! Massively high levels of stress and upset at home, but I'm feeling optimistic about my boy's recovery. I thought it would be helpful to get some advice/guidance as this forum has been so helpful to me, but...
  17. Puddles1999

    Urinary issues?

    Yesterday evening I noticed Penelope had HORRIBLE smelling urine. She doesn’t squeal when peeing and is acting completely normal otherwise. No weight loss either. It had also left a deposit behind and I rubbed it between my fingers and it was very gritty. I know it’s normal if it’s powder like...
  18. C

    Died suddenly after vet said recovering

    My 2 year old girl developed wet bottom and a suspected UTI a week ago. Xrays and scans suggested no stones or uterine infection but that it was confined to bladder-the bladder walls thickened and possible bladder sludge. She was put on high dose baytril (and painkiller) and almost completely...
  19. bbddf

    Possibility of Guinea Pigs With Gluten Intolerance Linked To Bladder Problems

    * Disclaimer: This is only a theory that I have come up with. It is not a diagnosis. I am not a medical professional or veterinarian. I made an effort to use reputable resources. I have provided references in relation to my ideas. This is my own research. Please know, I am not forcing the idea...
  20. Lauren22

    Bladder sludge!

    Hi, My boar Hubert had bladder stone surgery about a month ago now, and recently the sludge has returned. I changed his food to selective gluten free nuggets, he only gets 50g fresh per day and unlimited hay. The veg he gets is, cucumber, green beans, celery and pepper. I feel like I'm...