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bladder stone

  1. asian piggy

    peeing blood?

    I took my two piggies, Bruno and Ace, out for floor time and they were absolutely mad wheeking and popcorning. However when I took them back to their hutch and started putting back their hidey’s I noticed in one of my fleece hidey’s there was a rust coloured pee stain on it. I’m not sure if it’s...
  2. A

    Uti/possible Stones - Worried About Xray

    A few weeks ago our 5 1/2 year old guinea pig Dustin was squeaking and arching his back when he had a wee and soon after started having pinkish urine and doing more frequent smaller wees. The vet treated for a UTI but couldn’t rule out bladder stones - we had a weeks course of Septrin (2 x 0.5ml...
  3. Salt and Pepper

    Syringe Feeding Tips, How To Increase An Appetite, Advice Please?

    Hi, my piggy had an operation to remove a bladder stone (about the size of a chickpea) last Tuesday, she has had a week course of baytrill and metacam which she has now finished.She is also in the middle of a course of ranitidine to get her gut moving again. She is not lethargic, sometimes her...
  4. K

    My Sweet Draco Having Surgery For Stone Tomorrow

    Hi, I adopted Draco 1.5 yrs ago and think he is about 2.5- 3 yrs old. For the past year I have seen blood in his urine multiple times. I am fortunate to have a good, experienced vet and the means to pay for exams/tests (I am in US). The first x-rays showed what the vet called a deposit...
  5. Booknerd

    Peeing Blood But My Vet Is All Out Of Ideas

    Hi everyone, First I have and am still undergoing veterinary advice. The reason why I am turning to you guys is because I feel like there is something wrong that is not being picked up on and I want other pig owners experiences to help me get my piglet better! Please, if you have any...
  6. crnyng

    Bladder Stone; Advice

    Hello everyone, my most recent adoption/rescue, a 3 year old female, has been bleeding from her vaginal area lately. Today we had an appointment and have found out she has a bladder stone. I was quoted 600 to 800 dollars for the surgery, which I don't have, having spent 400 in the last 2 weeks...