boar and sow

  1. A

    Guinea pig in heat (please answer asap)

    Hello, I have one neutered male and one female together. They have recently been bonded together and I have never had a male and a female together. My female, I believe is in heat, she keeps getting chased round, humped, vagina licked, butt sniffed constantly. She is not receptive to this at...
  2. S

    Found out after a year I have a boar and a sow rather than two sow's. How come they haven't mated?

    Hi, my situation is abit tricky, I haven't been able to find Info on this anywhere. Today, after a year of owning my two pigs I've noticed that my sow is actually a boar. I've had this verified by someone more experienced than me, but i find it strange that they haven't mated by now. I'm...
  3. C

    Singe uneutered boar alongside females - experiences/advice?

    Hello, I recently lost one of my two piggies, and am trying to think of what is best to do for my little guy who is remaining. Romeo is 5 years old (ish, he was about 2 when I adopted him), but not in the best health (under-control eye problem which makes him mostly blind in one eye). He has...
  4. ashimay

    Housing an intact boar next to a pair of sows.

    Hello! Since losing our beloved Mr Pig we have had our boar Otis in his cage next to our two sows to allow him to socialise whilst we wait for our local rescue to be open for boar-dating again. He currently isn’t living in a C&C cage like our sows and we would like to change this! We’re also...
  5. M

    How long till i can introduce my neutered boar to my sows?

    Hi, We netuered our boar a while back and are eager to try introduce him to the girls, however looking online and even here i have found very conflicting information about how long we should wait, in two days it will be exactly 4 weeks since his surgery, is it ok to indroduce him now? i have...
  6. Jeslubur

    Introducing a female guineapig

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for a bit of advice as we’ve had a situation with our boar pigs which has resulted in us having to separate one of them. We had three boars together and over the past month or so they’ve fallen out. I’ve deduced that they started to get territorial as they have reached...
  7. M

    Should i introduce a know 'aggressive' piggie to the group

    Hi, So my little brother really wants a Guinea pig. Since i was already planning to get a third guinea pig i agreed to let him own my third one. All good right? Later when we went to buy some hay from the pet shop this plan was completely ruined when he fell in love with a little black piggie in...
  8. K

    Boy Or Girl?

    hi I've had my guinea pig for a year and I'm just now learning about the intricacies of taking care of your piggie. I thought he was a boy but we looked and we thought it was a girl but I looked again and I really think he's a boy but none of are too sure. can someone help me gender Finn, please?
  9. K

    Can I Have 2 Male And 1 Female Together?

    I have been wanting to add another little piggie to my pair, I have seen that I can have 3 male together or 2 male and 1 female who has been done so I was just wondering thank you
  10. blacklegkat

    Singled Out Boar - Should I Get Another Piggy?

    My lovely boar Asterix unfortunately doesn't seem to get along too well with his brothers. In fact, if we were to put them in the same cage, there would probably be blood. We separated him from his two brothers a long time ago - however we have the cages right next to one another so that they...