boar behavior

  1. EddyNoble

    Need advice for boar pair

    Hi everyone, I have a pair of boars who i went through the bonding process with back in july/August. One of them is now about 1 and a half years old and the other is about 7 months old. They have become quite hard to manage, in terms of aggression towards both myself and each other. Whenever I...
  2. Mystic_corgi

    Getting Past The Teenage Years (two boars)

    I am still quite new to owning guinea pigs with only owing 3 in my lifetime and this is my first time having two guinea pigs together. I own two boars named Wasabi and Tofu who about 9 months old. They seem to get along quite well for the most part. They are able to share food bowls, water...
  3. Percy&Milo2020

    New Guinea pig owner to boars

    Hi all. So I have a lot of experience with Sows but I have never owned a Boar before. So I recently got 2 boars and it’s obvious which one is the dominate pig. But I am new to the world of owning boars and have noticed a vast difference in behaviour from owning sows. Looking for some general...
  4. S

    Found out after a year I have a boar and a sow rather than two sow's. How come they haven't mated?

    Hi, my situation is abit tricky, I haven't been able to find Info on this anywhere. Today, after a year of owning my two pigs I've noticed that my sow is actually a boar. I've had this verified by someone more experienced than me, but i find it strange that they haven't mated by now. I'm...
  5. Shelli1016


    Hey there! Not knowing how many guinea pigs are rehomed in the world, we regrettably went to a big box store & adopted a sow. A week later she had 2 babies! 🙄 My son at this point named both babies & the whole family fell in love w/them. The store was helpful, apologetic & gave us free food &...
  6. K

    Will boars be less likely to fight if i buy them together?

    I'm looking to buy 2 piggies, ideally females but if they aren't available maybe 2 males. I've heard they are more likely to fight, is that in all cases or just when you've bought them separately. I was thinking if they are already living together when I buy them will they be more likely to get on?
  7. Y

    3 boars - 10 months of fall outs HELP!

    This is a long story so I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible... I have 3 boars, one who is ~3 1/2 years old (Garf) and two others who are 1 3/4 years old (Ozzy and Ted). Originally Garf lived with another guinea pig who sadly died, so I got Ozzy and Ted to keep him company (this was about 1...
  8. F

    Constant rumble strutting

    Hello, I have a 10 month male guinea pig (Pepper) and we have followed advice to bond him to a younger male, Noodle (4 months). The initial meetings went well and they moved in to their C&C cage together a few days ago. Since there Pepper has been constantly chasing and rumble strutting after...
  9. T

    Why Do Boars Intervene?

    Hi Guys, So we finally got to introduced our first Boar after finishing his 6 weeks post-neuter wait. I took everyone out for some floor time. I see he's doing a great job intervening whenever our most dominate sow Chai gets into chattering matches with Mandu and Momo our bonded mama and...
  10. Guineatoes

    Needing help with bonding consisting of boars!

    I feel quite worried at the moment, and I always see very nice posts on this site with very useful information! but I didn’t really see anything helpful to my situation so I thought why not try this 🥺 One of the boars had to go away about a week after getting him. He was already introduced...
  11. G

    Which is the best for a new friend?

    Hi, We had 2 males of about 2 years and one passed away a few days ago. They had been together from a very young age. The one that died was the dominent, confident one and Ted who is left is quite skittish and timid. I have two option at the moment. The first is to get a baby male who is...
  12. Dystopoly

    Re-Bonding after same-cage separation?

    This might be a bit of a silly question, but I’ve been wondering whether or not you have to re-introduce two pigs (boars, in my case) on neutral territory with all the precautions of a complete re-bonding if you’ve simply had a couple see-through grids between them for a day or two? Would it be...