boar behavior

  1. D

    PLEASE HELP! My guinea pigs have lost their mind, won't stop fighting

    Please help, for the past hour my guinea pigs won't stop being crazy to each other. Randomly started at 3:30 am, now its 4:30 am. I got Bomi and Yumi in May when Bomi was around 2 months old, Yumi around 6 months old. Bomi used to keep trying to mount Yumi from the back, Yumi would mildly try...
  2. B

    Rumble-strutting or —?

    Hi! I am a New Guinea pig owner so forgive me if I seem a bit clueless! I got two boars back in December, two siblings who just turned 3 months old. They do quite a bit of rumble-strutting, which I understand is a boundary setting/dominance display. They've never reared/lunged/nipped/hissed or...
  3. EddyNoble

    Need advice for boar pair

    Hi everyone, I have a pair of boars who i went through the bonding process with back in july/August. One of them is now about 1 and a half years old and the other is about 7 months old. They have become quite hard to manage, in terms of aggression towards both myself and each other. Whenever I...
  4. Mystic_corgi

    Getting Past The Teenage Years (two boars)

    I am still quite new to owning guinea pigs with only owing 3 in my lifetime and this is my first time having two guinea pigs together. I own two boars named Wasabi and Tofu who about 9 months old. They seem to get along quite well for the most part. They are able to share food bowls, water...
  5. Percy&Milo2020

    New Guinea pig owner to boars

    Hi all. So I have a lot of experience with Sows but I have never owned a Boar before. So I recently got 2 boars and it’s obvious which one is the dominate pig. But I am new to the world of owning boars and have noticed a vast difference in behaviour from owning sows. Looking for some general...
  6. S

    Found out after a year I have a boar and a sow rather than two sow's. How come they haven't mated?

    Hi, my situation is abit tricky, I haven't been able to find Info on this anywhere. Today, after a year of owning my two pigs I've noticed that my sow is actually a boar. I've had this verified by someone more experienced than me, but i find it strange that they haven't mated by now. I'm...
  7. Shelli1016


    Hey there! Not knowing how many guinea pigs are rehomed in the world, we regrettably went to a big box store & adopted a sow. A week later she had 2 babies! 🙄 My son at this point named both babies & the whole family fell in love w/them. The store was helpful, apologetic & gave us free food &...
  8. K

    Will boars be less likely to fight if i buy them together?

    I'm looking to buy 2 piggies, ideally females but if they aren't available maybe 2 males. I've heard they are more likely to fight, is that in all cases or just when you've bought them separately. I was thinking if they are already living together when I buy them will they be more likely to get on?
  9. Y

    3 boars - 10 months of fall outs HELP!

    This is a long story so I’ll try to keep it as brief as possible... I have 3 boars, one who is ~3 1/2 years old (Garf) and two others who are 1 3/4 years old (Ozzy and Ted). Originally Garf lived with another guinea pig who sadly died, so I got Ozzy and Ted to keep him company (this was about 1...
  10. F

    Constant rumble strutting

    Hello, I have a 10 month male guinea pig (Pepper) and we have followed advice to bond him to a younger male, Noodle (4 months). The initial meetings went well and they moved in to their C&C cage together a few days ago. Since there Pepper has been constantly chasing and rumble strutting after...
  11. T

    Why Do Boars Intervene?

    Hi Guys, So we finally got to introduced our first Boar after finishing his 6 weeks post-neuter wait. I took everyone out for some floor time. I see he's doing a great job intervening whenever our most dominate sow Chai gets into chattering matches with Mandu and Momo our bonded mama and...
  12. Guineatoes

    Needing help with bonding consisting of boars!

    I feel quite worried at the moment, and I always see very nice posts on this site with very useful information! but I didn’t really see anything helpful to my situation so I thought why not try this 🥺 One of the boars had to go away about a week after getting him. He was already introduced...
  13. G

    Which is the best for a new friend?

    Hi, We had 2 males of about 2 years and one passed away a few days ago. They had been together from a very young age. The one that died was the dominent, confident one and Ted who is left is quite skittish and timid. I have two option at the moment. The first is to get a baby male who is...
  14. Dystopoly

    Re-Bonding after same-cage separation?

    This might be a bit of a silly question, but I’ve been wondering whether or not you have to re-introduce two pigs (boars, in my case) on neutral territory with all the precautions of a complete re-bonding if you’ve simply had a couple see-through grids between them for a day or two? Would it be...