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boar bond help

  1. Mystic_corgi

    Getting Past The Teenage Years (two boars)

    I am still quite new to owning guinea pigs with only owing 3 in my lifetime and this is my first time having two guinea pigs together. I own two boars named Wasabi and Tofu who about 9 months old. They seem to get along quite well for the most part. They are able to share food bowls, water...
  2. Dystopoly

    Separating for a URI?

    So, this morning I rushed my boys into the vet because one of them was sniffling very audibly - and sure enough, he’s got a URI. The vet gave me antibiotics for him, but gave his brother a clean bill of health and told me to separate them for two weeks until the course of medicine is through...
  3. 2Pigs2Many

    Piggy passed, bonding help.

    My boy Teddy and I are both very depressed over the passing of his brother Smores Tuesday morning... I have had them both for a little over 3.5 years now, they were housed together for the first 1.5 year of their life until they had a falling out which led to me having their cages side by side...