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  1. wheek!guinea


    Hello wonderful fellow piggy owners, I have two 3 year old sweet wonderful boars, both of them turned 3 this year! However, unfortunately Glacier has developed early onset of arthritis in his back and knees. The vet has given him medicine and suggested to keep him in a smaller cage or area so...
  2. mytwomaleguineas

    Nibbling ears?

    Hi, my sister has informed me that cookie has been nibbling walnut’s ears. What is this a sign of? Thank you :)
  3. mytwomaleguineas

    Boar glue?

    Hi again my friends! I have found some clear glue like liquid that was dried on my piggies fleece today. I’m assuming it is boar glue but I can attach a photo if it could be something else. I know that they could have boar glue because of dominance but currently the other guinea pig (walnut) and...
  4. A

    Boys and Girls together

    So I have a general question that I need help with. My wife and I have five bonded girls that have lived together for about a year. We just recently lost one of our girls, and we ended up getting a couple boys at the pet store. This was a mistake that the pet store sold us three boys that all...
  5. Lauren22

    Bonding issues

    Hi, I'm having issues with my two male boars. One is roughly 6yr while the other is 2yr, and I had to separate them in January due to the older boars health being bad. The problem I'm having now is I would like to reintroduce them, but everytime I try they rear up at one another and show signs...
  6. M

    Boar Bonding

    Hi there, I haven't owned piggies in a few years, and have never kept boys before. I recently got a 15 week old boar and then a bigger boar (the person who sold him to me claimed he was also 15 weeks but he seems a bit older to me) to live with him. They are still absolutely terrified of me, and...
  7. Hellopiggies63


    I have two guinea pigs. One is around 10 months (cookie). The other is around 5-6 months. The problem is the 5-6 months (walnut) is obsessively dominant right now. He runs after cookie, teeth chatters, lunges, and forces cookie out of their cage. Their space is good. They have one Midwest cage...
  8. Lucyscavies

    Eye ulcer?

    Hi sorry if this is long but I’m concerned about Scooby’s eye. It started September/October time last year. It started out with just a tiny lump that you could only notice if you pulled his eye back so I took him to the vets and got given some eye drops (sorry I can’t remember the name). They...
  9. Lucyscavies


    Hello everyone, I’m just wondering how much should you take your piggies out of their cage or give them lap time? How important is this and how much do you let your piggies have floor and lap time? Is once a week enough or should it be more? Thanks x
  10. Sullivancourt

    My 1 1/2 yo boy is bullying my 5 week old boy.

    I just feel like he’s always fighting to drink and eat. I have two of everything except a food bowl. My bigger boy is always puffing himself up, constantly rumble strutting, pushing the baby. The baby is gaining weight, and I know he eats, but it’s always at the mercy of the giant fat boy. I...
  11. Lucyscavies


    Hi I’ve noticed this white thing on Scrappys penis, I’m really worried as I don’t know what it is and I really don’t want everyone to say take him to a vet! How can I get it off? The 2 bits at the bottom of him are woodshavings it’s the penis part I’m worried about.
  12. Lucyscavies

    Guinea pig not growing!

    I’ve been wondering about this ever since I got my boars but didn’t know whether to ask about it or not in case it’s a stupid question 😂Anyway I’ve had my boys for a year now and I’ve had no health issues so far 🤞 but I can’t help but wonder why Scrappy is much smaller than his brother Scooby...
  13. C

    Sharing a pigloo

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum but I have a question for you all. Ive had my boar, smores for 5 months and I got him a new cage mate recently. His name is biscuit and he's pretty young. They seem to be getting along fine--no fights or anything. And even though I bought 2 pigloos and a cage...
  14. G

    I Messed Up The Introduction (2 Boars)

    I'm desperately trying to repair a botched introduction after doing many things wrong. I let the two exist in a divided cage for a short time (less than a day - they seemed so interested in each other and calm), and then took away the partition so they could properly meet. It didn't go well...
  15. Pigsneedlovetoo

    Time Bomb?

    So my 3 boars still seem to be getting along okay, 8months, 7 months, and 4ish months old. Does anyone know if there' a turning point in the aging process where I need to watch them closely to avoid fights? Someone on the forum had mentioned that it's hard to keep 3 young boars together for...
  16. Julie M

    My Foster Piggies

    I am currently fostering 2 boys for ayrs guinea pig rescue. Introducing Mango and Mojito. I absolutely adore these 2 they're approximately 3 to 4 years old and so so loving.