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bonding two boys

  1. A

    I recently just got 2 new pigs! Bullying happening

    So recently I got two New Guinea pigs! They are both 2, boys. I have a four year old piggy named Toby. Long story short, other pigs smelled horrible and were doing something I was told is called “musking” and was told that even if they were caged together for so long they weren’t getting along...
  2. piggielover21

    Bonding Boys! Help

    Hi there, So i have Dexter he's 2 years and 2 months old he's very chilled out. He lived with his other male friend for 2 years, but he sadly passed away. Today is Sunday, on Friday i picked up a new piggie. Called Teddy he is 11 weeks old and he's very confident and lively. They have been next...
  3. piggielover21

    Bonding a baby piggie with my two year old piggie HELP!

    HELP! So I've had two boys for two years both just over two years of age. Sadly recently I have lost one, he got poorly and had to be put to sleep :( . My boy Dexter has done amazing since, at first I could tell he missed him but six weeks on he's back to normal. He's a very fat fluffy pipgie...
  4. kikidee

    Help A Piggy Mama Out: Bonded Boars Suddenly Hate Each Other.

    I have two boys- Max and Maverick. I've had them for about 6 mos and they have always squabbled and done the whole dominance thing, but they never seriously fought. As an example, they would have (what I call) chatter fights where they get angry and circle each other but they never actually...
  5. Sonnet

    Wonder What They're Thinking...

    Can't believe I've only just started bonding these two! First time having to do it, so am a little nervous, but so far, so good. They seem to get on at the moment.