1. Happyman247

    Sleeping arrangements.

    Hello, I have 3 pigs (recently lost 1) I used to have 2 pairs- boy/girl and girl/girl that lived very happily together but separate in their pairs. However now that one of the girls as died we have been trying to introduce the nutered boy to the other pair. At first it was going well as they...
  2. C

    Girl or boy?

    Hi! I've had two brothers for a few months now, around 3 months and we believed they were two boys but recently one hasn't been developing like the other in the genital area. Can people please reassure me that he's a he?
  3. Jesse's pigs

    Mo & Steve Update

    (Update from my old thread 1 to 2) Mo and Steve have been together just over two weeks now and I'm happy to say they still seem okay together. There is the rare occasion where Mo will mount him quite a bit but that is extremely rare now and I usually wake up with Steve wheeking over nothing-...
  4. C

    I Need Help!

    So i have two boy pigs and for some crazy reason I wanted to breed, so I got a girl. Upon meeting my boys went hump crazy and wouldn't leave her alone. I have two cages so I separated them to give her a break so this is where the problem is now my boys are fighting and they've never done that...